Back from Anthrocon! Con Report! by Tikikata

Hey, guys! I'm back from Anthrocon... well, I've been back since Monday, haha.

So, this Anthrocon has been my best convention to date, both sales-wise and experience-wise. Whatever gods we pleased this past weekend, I hope we please them again at the next convention because never has a convention gone so perfectly for us before. I am pleased to say I made my sales goal and did even better than I did last year. Thank you all so much for your support, whether you just stopped by my table to say hello or bought something for me to make for you! <3

So, LordFenrir and I arrived Thursday afternoon with AuraSight (Aura). We didn't do a whole lot since we needed to wait for babbyarts (Wish)'s flight to come in. Aura got in the four hour long line to get registered (because poor guy didn't pre-reg, oops). Eventually, Wish's flight came in and Fen and I went to find her outside the Westin and took her to our hotel. The walk wasn't that bad to and from. We got her settled in and went back to hang out until Aura got registered. Met up with some cool friends like Lyenuv, Martog, Danny Moon, Uppy, Rhythm, and many more before Aura finally got out of that chaotic line. He was in a bad mood for the rest of the day, lol. ;w; It's okay, we got food shortly after with Lyenuv and one of her buddies. It was fun!
When we got back to our hotel room, we were finishing up laminating and clipping some badges when our badge hole punch broke! And of course it broke when we were hole punching the badge that Wish made for me... The metal bar got jammed ON the badge, so we'd either have to rip it out and damage the badge for break the hole punch and not have one for the rest of the con. After some more tinkering, Aura took it outside and after a few minutes he came rushing back in... somehow, banging it against concrete had gotten the spring to pop back into place and we were able to save the badge before we had to ruin it. I have NO idea how that was even possible, but THANK YOU convention gods for saving us, lol.

Friday was day one of the artist alley madness. Fen and I woke up early to get registered for that and we met up with our good friend Princess Rei and sat together. It was so great to see her again; we hadn't seen her since FWA this year. <3 We all did fairly well on Friday. Artist payout of course was a pain in the butt as always, but so much faster than last year. I think the longest we waited was 45 minutes, and we were one of the first to get in line. Aura, of course, bought his first fursuit while we sat in Artist Alley. A white wolf, which is now his fursona of the same name. He wore that suit for the rest of the day. We could tell he loved it. xD Wish was having a blast being his handler. I also got to wear the badge she made for me. <3

Saturday was the busiest day. Artist alley was sooo busy. So many people to see and talk to and I had no time to work on anything, haha! I bought a Sans and Papyrus hat and let Rei wear the Papyrus hat so we could be Skelebros for the day. It was so fun. I bought two of her Undertale prints, Sans and Toriel (my FAVORITE CHARACTERS) and just had an overall blast on Saturday. Fen's sales were awesome, too, and I'm so happy he was having a great convention. Again, whichever gods we pleased, I hope we can keep it up, lol. Aura got to be in the Fursuit Parade, and we actually were able to spot him! Lol, he had also bought shades to go with his fursuit. It was pretty cute. Wish dressed up as her character and the outfit was spot on. I wish we had gotten pictures together. <3 Maybe next time? Anyway, Saturday was a success. I was starting to feel sad that Sunday was the last day...

Sunday rolls around. Everyone is groggy from a late night. I had stayed up til about 3:30am to finish four standard sized badges for pick-up. Nothing new there. I'm glad I did finish them, though. It didn't take long for people to pick up their badges. Everyone seemed happy with them! I got a few more take-home commissions on Sunday, not a whole lot and that's just fine!
The best part of Sunday was that they had an OWL for their charity, the Pittsburgh Zoo... I got so many cool pictures of it. It was a Great Horned Owl! They're fairly common where I live, but to actually see one was awesome. It really made my day! <3 I didn't want to leave, lol.
Wish had to catch a flight back home around 2, so unfortunately I wasn't able to catch up with her again before she had to leave, but I assume she got home just fine (at least, no news is good news). <3 It was a little lonely in the hotel room after that. After packing up and leaving artist alley for the last time this weekend, we went back to the hotel room to hang out before we went out to get some dinner. We went to this cool pizza cafe and it was amazing! Apparently it had just opened up. I'm glad we got to try something new. After that, we went back to the hotel and got ready for bed. The PCD was already starting to settle in.

Monday morning, we got packed up and left the hotel. It was the first time in a long time that I actually felt sad leaving a convention. The last several conventions from this year and last year had left a bad taste in my mouth, but this year's Anthrocon did no such thing. We had such an amazing time, and meeting up with people I've only talked to on Twitter was amazing. We had to take a detour to take Aura home, so we went on our way towards Columbus. About fifteen minutes outside of Columbus, we stopped at a McD's and got lunch. We left, ready to continue on... but, as we were turning onto the highway, I noticed my bag was missing. My bag with my driver's license, my 3DS, my phone, credit card, debit card, etc... gone. I left it at the McD's. Fen immediately found the number of the one we just ate at and asked if they could hold our bag as we found a spot to turn around and go back. They found it and I got it back, everything in tact. Seriously, our luck was just fantastic, haha. Thank you, cool McD's manager, for finding and hanging onto my bag~ I would have died if I lost it. ;w;

To those I didn't see over the weekend that were there, I'm sorry we didn't get to meet up! My last two conventions of the year will be FurReality and Midwest FurFest so if you're going to either of those, don't be afraid to poke me and say, "HEY, LET'S HANG OUT." There is seriously not enough time in the day to do everything I want, so we can always plan ahead so we don't miss out!

Thanks again, everyone, for being so amazing. Thank you Aura and Wish for being amazing friends and roommates. I hope we can do it again sometime! <3

Back from Anthrocon! Con Report!


6 July 2016 at 10:39:14 MDT

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