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What phone should I get? by Porsche

I've been looking around for a good mother's day gift and finally just decided on a phone for her.

I was thinking about a Nexus 4 but I wanted to know if there were any other budget phones out there that are elite. Mum has had a bad experience with Android once already (some crap LG at&t talked her into that couldn't even keep up with her multimedia needs) and I just want to get her something as a 'welcome back to the Android family' kinda thing but done properly.

I was just going to get her a Note II but that's too big for her so anything 5in and over is out of the question. I'm not sure how she'll react to the Nexus 4 yet but I figured it would be worth a try.

So what do ye guys say? Nexus 4 or do any of ye know something priced better with similar if not better specs than the Nexus 4?

What phone should I get?


10 March 2013 at 13:18:26 MDT

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    Try Galaxy S III I have it and I love it ^^

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      How much are those, new, these days?

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        I don't know xD I heard last time there were on sale is $199

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          Thats contract price lol