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Anthrocon and Purrmaids update! by kikidoodle

SO! I've been a little slow on announcements here due to HOW BUSY I'VE BEEN AHH!

First of all, ANTHROCON!

I'll be there! This is my first Anthrocon and first show where I'm pretty close to the east coast, so definitely come say hi! I'm not sure if I'll make money after all of my expenses, but I hope I do :p This is a test to see if traveling shows are worth it.

Let me know if you will be there and want to request any certain prints from me because my stock will be SUPER limited at this show. I just can't afford to bring all the things I normally do!

Also, commissions will likely ALSO be super limited. I've been rather exhausted this month with all the things I've been doing so this is going to be a fun show for me. If you want a commission, try to get there first thing in the morning!

Purrmaids are about 300% funded AND we've raised enough for the 2nd species... the Betta Fish Siamese Purrmaid!

I'll actually have a Purrmaid with me in person at Anthrocon for people to visit with :3

With less than 10 days left on the campaign consider pledging! If I raise $24,500 we'll fund a THIRD plush which backers get to vote on... HOORAY!

I look forward to seeing people at Anthrocon and other shows!

Anthrocon and Purrmaids update!


25 June 2016 at 13:53:11 MDT

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