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commissions all close by metalzaki


  1. you want a commission you got to clam the slot on the journal comment. I will then say you got the slot.
  2. Do not note me till you got the slot.
  3. If you do not pay after one week I will remove you from your slot and give it to another. (no complaning after weeks up and your removed for not paying.)

++Temp rule this time++ ((cause don't got energy for big project this time))
-no comics altough three panel are a maybe.
-no more then 4 characters this time. ((but keep them simple))

Commission Price Ref by metalzaki
Also if you want to pay in DA points its 80pts = to the $1

++Stuff that I won't draw.++
Won't draw Child/Cub, Creepypasta (unless its not ment to look scary), anytype of puppets, Clowns (unless there harly quinn style) Tentacle Porn or Hardcore Gore Porn (But if you want I will age your child/cub character so that he/she is the legal age over 18)


DA.1. selanairequeen (done)
DA.2. hunter117x (done)
DA.3. kay225 (payed)

FA.1. Zylo_Garoh (payed)
FA.2. tenderheartballoon (done)
FA.3. jennajinx jennajinx (payed)

Inkbunny.1. Jonzu95 (payed)
Inkbunny.2. DarkSonic250 (done)
Inkbunny.3. LateNightOtaku (done)

Weasyl.1. ChaosOverlordZ (payed) (3/3) (pic.3 %0)
Weasyl.2. boundtie boundtie (payed) (next)
Weasyl.3. sipher sipher (unpayed)

art-trade.1. (temp closed)

coloring work:

commissions all close


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    If there's any Weasyl spots left, may I take one?

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      sure just note me the idea.

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        Will do

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          ok. also I do have your note on DA just haven't gotten to reading it yet ok.