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Montreal's local convention: WHAT THE FUR 2013 by StripesZB

Sup guys.

What The Fur, Montreal's local furcon, will have its 4th year in May 17-19, 2013.

The new hotel is located in downtown, Montreal, and is flanked by a bunch of restaurants and stores, and right next to the Montreal underground system, it's awesome. And if you could see all this CARPET, NNGH! SO MUCH CARPET!

So yeah, get your cars and plane tickets and all that ready and come join us. This year, our theme is Fairy Tales and that means there's gonna be so much fantasy and whimsy that it's gonna seep from your eyes and ears.

Our guest of honor this year is Hollyann, who brought all her drawings and crocheted goods to the table. Just come here and I dare you to commission something adult from her. Seriously, I dare you. I long to see your face. That shit will be priceless.

Hollyann's FA page:

We also have the fursuit games and the FURSUIT HOCKEY TOURNAMENT (first!), and panels and parades and gaming and holy shit just get registered and get your hotel room already! :D

Check out our website at and get all the details you need!

I better see every single one of you there. Every. Single. One.

Thanks! See you guys there. It's gonna be awesome.

  • Stripes

Montreal's local convention: WHAT THE FUR 2013


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