GWC at Anthrocon 2016 by GhostwoodCreatures

TL;DR -- I can't wait to meet you at AC2016!

Ghostwood Creatures Photoshoot

For the past few months, I have been trying to put together a scheduled photoshoot for Anthrocon, in the con book and everything. Unfortunately, I have been unable to do so. Instead of being put in the con book, I will be making an "unofficial" photoshoot for all of my previous customers, fursuiter or not! A few individuals whom I've discussed this with want to bring a few snacks for the Ghost family to have a picnic together! Well, to make things a little more official - Saturday, July 2nd, 2016 after the fursuit parade we will be meeting on the roof to enjoy a sunny day in Pittsburgh together. All fursuiters are encouraged to attend to get an updated group photo, this will be featured on my website !

Con Ettiquette

I've been going to conventions since 2011, I would love to share with you some tips and tricks I've learned over the years. Please do not forget to clean your fursuit before the con, and while you're there pleeease get some sleep, don't forget to bathe, and eat atleast three times a day! Fursuiting at large conventions can be very taxing on the body, and you can get hurt if you're not careful! Drinking tons of water can help you keep marathon suiting. I fursuit up ot 8 hours at a time, and the headless lounge is my best friend, from my previous experiences, Anthrocon is a very good con to its fursuiters, they have water tanks in each of the hallways for your convienence, but keeping a water bottle on hand is the best idea. Keep a bag with a water bottle, some healthy snacks to keep your blood sugar from dropping drastically, and your wallet/contact on you at all times. Conventions are pretty unpredicable beasts, and you don't want anything giving you a good sneak attack! It's always better to overprepare, in case of an emergency.

For those who have employed me in the past, you know I'm a rather friendly person online - I am the same but a little more shy in person! Please feel free to say hello, and interact with me while I am in suit! I ask that you please ask me before you hug me, again, I'm just more shy and quiet and like a little bit of notice before I am glomped. I've taken out people behind me from others who became a little too excited to see a fursuit, I would really like to not repeat a similar scenario. I'm also a very small person (5'4" , barely 100lbs) so big hugs could really hurt me! I cannot wait to meet all of those who are apart of the family, and future members! You can talk to me about literally anything, it's incredibly hard to offend me, so crude jokes are O.K. I just want to hangout and laugh :)

Final Comments

I'm currently finishing up one of two bodysuits that will be worn at Anthrocon. I'll be posting them as soon as I possibly can so you can spot my fiance and I out. For those who follow my patreon, you already know what to look for~ Play it safe guys, and Happy Suiting!!

GWC at Anthrocon 2016


30 May 2016 at 19:35:38 MDT

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