Thank You! by Alcyone

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who followed me over from FA as well as old and new followers. It really means a lot that people like my artwork. So, thank you!

As for the FA fiasco, I am now locked out of both of my accounts instead of just one. I have no idea when the admins will get to my email in the line of many (I've been waiting 2.5 days so far). I am also cautious to go back to a website that has such an secure system that can be easily compromised. With that said, Weasyl will now be my main art gallery! For those who followed me over from fa, I apologize in advance for the art migration/reposts.

Thank You!


24 May 2016 at 13:44:32 MDT

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    My mate's been locked out of his account as well and been waiting for a reply to get access to it again. I think they need to put more admin power to get emails sorted out and get it resolved, unless there is something they're not telling everyone.

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      Let me know when or if he gets contacted, just to give me a peace of mind. >.<

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        Will do, Ace.

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          I was able to get into my newest account when they updated their process yesterday. I got an email from FA today finally, but it doesn't look promising for getting access into my old account. :(