FA fall down go boom by Cuprohastes

I'm a little irked with FA. Yes it went down, come back up and immediately got locked down because everyone's passwords were hijacked...

... But the knock on effect is I have to re-upload a week's worth of art, lose all the comments, watches, favourites and other traffic.

I use FA to advertise and to get new Patreon subscribers and get commissions, so this is actually a bit of a problem insofar as lost traffic is lost revenue, potentially.

I can sympathise because FA is an amateur project, not an actual business, and they have trouble running it on cloud services for many reasons: They don't want to pay for it, there's too much borderline illegal porn (FA is full of pedophiles - Just look at all the diapered cub art!)

So yeah. I'm grumpy about having to re-upload a bunch of pics and then find that hey, FA's locked down so nothing works.

Sadly I get more traffic per day on FA than I get per year on Weasyl.

FA fall down go boom


21 May 2016 at 09:54:39 MDT

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    FA is an actual business though. They were owned by an actual business, and have been sold to an actual business (IMVU). And they're supposed to remove cub art, because it's in their ToS not to post it.

    It's amazing people still put up with FA at all, especially now that we have alternatives floating around, but people just keep going back for whatever reason.

    Right now the site is still up in read-only mode; it shouldn't be, it should be down. They admit it right on the front page that whoever attacked the site has access to all our data, including accounts and (encrypted) passwords, so if they wanted to they could be poring through all of our accounts right now. The site should be down until they get their fix in and people can reset their passwords. This is a serious security problem, but they're staying up so... people can still get their porn? This is awful.

    FA doesn't have any excuses for their lack of professionalism any more. IMVU gave FA the funds to shape itself up so it could be a proper platform for their ads. Dragoneer pulls a check for his work on the site. The slack that site continues to get from the community boggles the mind.

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      IT's a hobby site. IT should be a business but it's not it's an amateur clusterfuck.

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        It's owned by IMVU, a major crapstain on the internet. It's very much a business. It's just run like a hobby site.

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    I changed my password soon as I could on FA, so any passwords they do have will be out of date.

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      Yeah I had a unique password, changed it anyway to prevent random trolling when the password list gets posted, and... FA nuked the new password and won't let me re-set.

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    and if you want to advertise, why limit yourself to one place? the more places you display your work, the more eyes will see it.

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      Because I get no traffic anywhere else. I have accounts with a lot of places, and I get less visitors per year than I get per day on FA.

      FA idles at about 14,000 viewers at any given time, going up during their busy times. I have over 2,500 watchers on FA.

      On Weasyl it's... well I've been here 3 years and I've had 669 page views and 116 favourites. I can do that in three days on FA. Most of my watchers are also friends or people who already had me on FA and watched me as a courtesy when I posted about opening an account here on FA.

      Weasyl is a nicer UI, plausibly better in almost all ways.... but there's no traffic. I have made 0 commissions off Weasyl in three years: As a way to advertise it's basically a non event.

      I had to start from scratch here and... that's just not working out. I don't want to have to re-create 10 years of work so that in another couple of years I can maybe get enough traffic to maybe score some work.

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        Submissions on Weasyl 45. Submissions on Furaffinity 277+ (not including any images that you need an account to see)
        that explains it all really. people come to see content and those that want to see your art are forced to go to Furaffinity to see it. Not surprising you dont see much activity where you only post 45 pictures over a period of 3 years.
        You can't expect traffic when you offer no content. it is as simple as that. of course you're going to see more on Furaffinity when you're visibility everywhere else is essentially non existent.

        Take that into consideration.

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          I did. One picture posted at the same time shows up on the front page of both Weasyl and FA.
          One generates three page views and the other generates 80.

          The reason I don't post to Weasyl is it's a dead end, a cul de sac. FA 's the highway. It's a shitty highway full of potholes and trash but it's where all the traffic is.

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    I'm not sure why FurAffinity is so much more popular than the other sites. I don't think it has anything to do with how they are run. If it weren't a free site I would go elsewhere.