I'm a lazy butt by Solojo

Stuck in my class waiting for the professor to come on over so I'm just gonna ramble for a bit.

So yeah if you've been following me and you actually care about mah stuff, well I guess now I'mma tell you why I haven't posted anything here for a long ass time: I've been a lazy gamer nerd. That's it. I've gotten so distracted by video games along with some other stuff (new pet bird mostly) that I just haven't been drawing at all and lets be honest here, that's fucking awful. Ain't no situation where I hate myself and think I'm garbage cause I'm not drawing more often, I just need to actually put the controller down and pick up a pencil more often. Gonna start doing a project in my graphic design class today so maybe that'll light the spark in my brain to actually get back into drawing regularly. Let's see what happens!

:U Here's the real question though: who the hell's reading this?

I'm a lazy butt


18 May 2016 at 15:47:16 MDT

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