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Good news is, my school year's almost over and I should finally have the time to work on stuff soon.

Bad news is, I have to work endlessly to not fail my senior year, which has led to kind of an accidental hiatus as of recently.

That being said, I am so, so sorry for letting my requests backlog before I closed the form. I am still trying to find the time to work on them outside school, and promise to complete them eventually.

I will be turning the request form back on once I've finished the last 2 on my plate. However, there will be some changes for the sake of my time:

  • Digital and traditional media will still be available, but digital pieces will always take priority over traditional. It turns out to be more convenient to draw on a compact mobile device than a drawing board and variety of supplies most of the time.
  • Traditional options will be more limited from now on. I will only do sketches or lineart in traditional media; colored and full-value pieces will be restricted to digital options. Current outstanding requests will not be affected.
  • The "Finalized Full Color" option will be completely removed. It's just too much time and effort for me to expend at any one time.


I'm finally gonna broaden my horizons and branch off onto another site. Since I've had a Tumblr account sitting around doing nothing, a friend suggested I start posting stuff on there.

I'm currently working on cleaning everything up there, including deleting all the wacky shit I posted two years ago. Once that's done, I will be posting finished pieces as well as WiP's and relatively crappy stuff that didn't make it to Weasyl. At any rate, everything that's posted here will be posted there as well.

I've never really been good at social media, so any tips for the blog would be greatly appreciated.

Other Stuff

I've decided I want to make a video game. I don't know jack about coding, programming, animating, or music composition, but damn it, I'm gonna learn all those things myself. It's a long-term thing that I'm just planning out now, but there'll probably be concept art soon.

In theory, t'll be a little something like Undertale + Cave Story + Binding of Isaac. A story-driven 2D platformer with heavy emphasis on player choice and a wide array of useful items to be collected and a good combat system.

Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing. But I'm determined.

Also, I'm thinking of moving into commissions at some point. I wouldn't stop doing requests, but I'd make it so that a few bucks would mean something like better subject flexibility, greater levels of completion, and higher priority in the queue. This isn't a given, though.

Request Update + Tumblr (and some other stuff)

Mr. Shigglesworth

24 April 2016 at 14:45:38 MDT

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    Hey I could help you out a bit, of course my questions would lead to more questions for you to answer.

    given how I had no friends and would play the original counter strike on my xbox with Bots I can definetly feel and taste your being a free kid from school or work. Brings a tear to my eye.

    Im feeling some soul in your words, the same soul that is feeding me hope for my game project.

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      Man, if there's one thing I can always do, it's answer questions. It'd be good for me to get to communicate some of my ideas with somebody.

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        Have you begun to research the pc software needed to make a 2d game base design? I am only skilled in 3d stuff so its out of my area, but I've been doing some game engine stuff and programs for a few years so shoot at me.

        Also given how you found my tumblr I can tell you one thing about social media, its a mess and many other sites make it to hard. If you want to get something out that interests people, it would be best to use these sites, something like youtube, or twitter.

        Facebook never worked out for me, use something you know has a bigger reach and ease of use.

        Now let me ask you something, how do you feel about commissions with your school/ war ratio on your free time?

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          I've done a little investigating, but since the closest I've ever come to programming was dicking around in RPG Maker, I reckon I should focus on learning some of the fundamentals of the craft before I set on anything in particular. I'm in no real hurry to get this done, so I just want to make sure I know as much as I can before I progress further. If there's anything out there you could recommend for learning purposes, I'd be down.

          I've not really considered branching out much, since I'm happy (for now) with moderate attention and managing several sites sounds like a pain. I wouldn't touch Facebook with a ten-foot pole.

          As for commissions, the prospect is beginning to sound more attractive to me as the school year ends and I find myself at loss for a viable summer job. I really, really wish I could get my tablet fixed/replaced soon; that would definitely allow me to produce work more often and at a greater level of completion than traditional. Unless I end up with a decent job soon, I'll probably make the final commitment to start doing cheap commissions or adopts before. Time shouldn't be an issue until the fall.