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The beauty of the weed is undermined often by the average landowner. . It is called vile, a pest, a parasite sucking life from the beautiful flowers that are actually wanted by the grower. But unwanted the weed survives; it doesn't need good soil, or perfect precipitation, or special vitamins to thrive. It makes itself at home wherever it goes and where it goes it spreads its roots and makes itself more friends. It defies the wills of others and cries out: "I deserve life, I want to live!" and it takes the nutrients and soil if it has to because no one would have given it to them otherwise. Weeds are beautiful because no matter how many people just want to see them shrivel up and die they continue to live. Weeds are beautiful because they are proud enough to keep living no matter how unwanted they are and how scraggly they may look. Weeds are beautiful because they can be found anywhere. Weeds are beautiful because they are never alone. Weeds are beautiful because they aren't perfect. Weeds are beautiful because they are alive in spite of their imperfection.



27 February 2013 at 22:43:29 MST

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    I will think of this next time, before I start to pull weeds around the fence posts...