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Current Stuff by Rizzell

Sorry I have not been able to post anything, my tablet went to shit recently. Also, been dealing with issues I have been working on. However, I plan on posting a few things later this week, hopefully. I am buying a new laptop/tablet with my tax return.

Now for Rainfurrest, I decided I will attend. If anything, I hope the con will return to Seattle in the future and get it's reputation back up and running. I still have mixed feelings about it, but, my friends started it and I be damned if I see his baby run into the ground. Already saw All Fur Fun go to shit,and I can't bring myself to see that happen with Rainfurrest. RF staff is coming over sometime this or next week and I hope to give some advice.

I am still looking for work, nothing new yet. Maybe once I begin to better myself in my art, I will start doing paid commissions just to bring in a little extra money. But, will start with friends only since I don't trust so easily anymore. I got the part in an audio play of Rukis' comic "Unconditional." I will be playing Dr. Ahsan, whom is the very doctor from Sidian's comic "Good Medicine" and I am happy because I love the character Ravi Ahsan; And for the record, Indian accents are challenging, but I loved it and had a lot of fun. And if Sidian is finished with her comic, and with her permission, I would love to make an audio play based on "Good Medicine" in the future.

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