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It has come to my attention...

That a lot of people who know me, including people I've known for a long time who apparently don't know that much about me. I've spoken with a lot of my long time friends recently and a lot of them have all said that I'm pretty quiet about a lot of stuff.

I feel pretty awful about it, but I assure everyone that I'm not explictly trying to be a closed person. In fact, I consider myself very open about myself, however at the risk of boring people / coming off as important or narcissistic or something I tend to stay quiet.

I've realized though, one thing I do talk a lot about is mostly how depressed I am. While this is also not intentional, I realize this must look pretty awful on my part. I hate to paint this picture of myself where I'm this brooding depressing whatever.

Okay so, I figured what I will do at least as a start is I'd like to post a 101 facts about myself or something. A basic primer to my life or whatever, but I'd like to know what sort of questions you all my have for me so I know what to put on it! If there's anything at all you'd like to know about me, please share it here. ^w^

Commissions open + it has come to my attention...


22 January 2016 at 12:22:39 MST

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    Are you studying in college? If so, which career are you on? By watching your steam status I can guess you're into programming, I'd love to geek out and talk about engineering stuff with you!

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      I'm not in college currently, maybe someday but I highly doubt it. And yes, I love programming :3