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Doing Con Badge commissions by Wretneck

I meant to open these up weeks back when FC was starting but got distracted with other projects. So I'm here to announce that I am open to doing Con Badges

$30 full body with name/logo drawn in- your option of Digital or traditional (watercolor, markers, ink), digital artwork will be handled by a printer or requested to be handled by yourself (had about as much years in crafts as I have in drawing)

An extra $5 ($35 total) if you wanted pre-laminated and tagged (the little vinyl loop piece with the clip on it)

all of which can be 3 day-shipped. Best plan your commissions before then.

As my public contract- I do not give out real names or addresses to anyone, not even friends and family are allowed to see them; such information is confidential and any violation of that on my end is met legally punishable as such. I wouldn't do anything to hurt you, expose you or violate any spaces with this information and wouldn't let anyone else do the same.

opening 5 slots for now, if it picks up I will open up 10

Con Badge Slots

1- open
2- open
3- open
4- open
5- open

Doing Con Badge commissions


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