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A quick thing I wanted to share! Blank Party is putting together a zine about Ingress, which is a free game you can play on your phone while exploring in the real world! They have extended the submission deadline to February 15th due to low submissions, so if you've ever wanted to see your work in print, this is an awesome opportunity! If you've never tried Ingress, download it and give it a go! They are looking for art, comics, photos, and stories about real-life experiences playing the game. Some of my work was included in Blank Party's last zine, Earthbound Party, and it was an awesome experience, so I highly recommend giving it a go! You can see the comic I submitted to the Ingress Adventure Zine here!

I really want to see this zine succeed, so please submit or pass it along if you know anyone who might be interested!

In other news, Delade and I have launched a new website to serve as a hub/portfolio/thing for all our various projects at Radiochio.com! It's a good place to find out what we're working on, and get a smattering of all our comic stuff at once. We've also started an updated-whenever-we-feel-like it Q&A podcast sorta thing called Chio Chat, which can also be found there!

As a last little plug, I've been posting lots of stuff for Patreon patrons lately! If you contribute as little as $1, you can view almost daily updates of comics, art, and things I've been working on lately. Patreon money goes straight into helping me make more and better comics, so if you enjoy what I do, it's a great way to help me keep going!

Thanks for reading!

Zine Submissions, Comics, Podcasts, and Stuff!


20 January 2016 at 14:03:52 MST

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