Welcome 2016 by Kaeilia

Alright, watchers! I have picked the raffle winners on my three art sites and just about all the requests are in! Huzzah! So, I'm going to be working on those as well as my other, usual, personal projects. I have been working at doing a little more realism, and I want to get into digital painting, so you can look forward to seeing my poor sad attempts! :)

I'm also working on doing an influence map! I've never done one before and I think it would be a really good idea and will give me something beautiful to look at when I'm really needing to feel inspired, so you can keep your eye out for that as well.

For my few watchers on here who also watch my YouTube channel, I apologize! I had some camera trouble, then went through a couple weeks with no voice, and now I'm having some editing issues. I have like... 4 videos almost ready though, and will try my best not to spam! I am still drawing, but haven't gotten to post anything yet! It's coming!! Thank you for your patience :)

I suppose that's it.. I had nice holidays and I'm super pumped about some awesome stuff that's going to happen in 2016!!! Hope everyone else is as excited as I am! :D

Welcome 2016


19 January 2016 at 12:54:28 MST

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    influence maps are fun. I'd have a hard time deciding what to put in mine though. There's so much to think of...

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      I know!! It's hard to narrow it down!