A (Late) New Year Chat by Rezorian

So, first off, happy heavily belated New Year to you all! I trust you guys had fun times and made some questionable choices? Good. That's what drinking holidays are for! Now then, to business.

I'll save you the timeline of how last year was and such nonsense: Things happened, some were good, most were not. Let's start this New Year with more important matters like what the heck I've got planned. It will be brief (!), a 2016 miracle I assure you, but to the point.

To avoid following any dark paths, let's just say that some occurrences last year had me on edge. In response, I'm seeing a therapist "full time" this year. Basically I just mean that I'll see them more than a few times and work on what needs to be worked on. Nothing too in depth or out of left field there. It was something that I need to continue and so I will.

Beyond that I intend to get deep into art this year. Learning the basics to work on my own I mean, not just getting commissions. That will continue of course, but I'd like to be able to draw my own ideas from time to time as well. Got the courses queued up, the supplies bought and the desk ready to host this little bit of crazy. Now it's just a matter of not letting my negativity shut me down. Consider that feeling point number two on the "Things to do in the new year" list.

Item three on that list is me trying to be more open and outgoing in 2016 and beyond. It sounds like a simple thing to most people, I'm sure, but I'm just a shy guy I guess and it doesn't come easy to me. Something to work on for sure. This also ties into me working to be more active on IM services. This is especially true of Skype since I tend to neglect it and the folks on it.

Also in relation to this account specifically: Since some pictures were deleted some time ago by the moderators, I was always leery of posting any real life photos of anything I've been up to. With the creation of a few different folders in my account, I think that concern should be alleviated and I can start posting random stuff again. Expect pictures of anything from completed models (Mostly Gundam I imagine) to recipes I've been messing around with. I went to school for cooking after all, might as well try and keep the skills up!


And, you know, Fast Food isn't exactly healthy to begin with so, eh, I can make a little something for myself once in a while instead of being indebted to the golden arches!

Think that's about it though everyone. Take care and get going on those dreams of yours for the new year. I'll be over here trying to put this Gyan together. Stupid Knight-like mobile suit with it's stupid amount of press on decals...being all stupid and such. Stupid.

A (Late) New Year Chat


12 January 2016 at 22:40:39 MST

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    Happy Belated New Years.