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BUSINESS UPDATE: Galleries, Social Media, Commission Forms, Scheduling by SpartaDog

Hello everyone! I've implemented some changes to my business model and online presence so I just want to give everyone a quick walkthrough.


  • The galleries I maintain at this point are Furaffinity, Weasyl, SoFurry, Facebook, HentaiFoundry, and potentially FurryNetwork.

Furaffinity: This is and will most likely be for some time my main gallery. Things get posted here first, most of my business comes from here, and I have the largest following here. I have more or less given up trying to convert people to other sites. Nothing will really be changing here. This site receives stream, commission, and convention notifications/updates. Checked several times daily.

Weasyl: Despite years of trying to bring people to Weasyl, I've had very little lasting success. I get minimal activity and business from here. However, I do still have some loyal and exclusive followers there, so I will not be abandoning this site for the time being. It is still a direct mirror of my FA, but I likely will not be posting exclusive or early access offers here any longer. This site receives stream, commission, and convention notifications/updates. Checked several times daily.

SoFurry: This is a side gallery and ONLY contains mature/adult art. I do not follow any artists here either. This site DOES NOT receive stream, commission, or convention notifications/updates until I have a larger audience there. Checked every 1-3 days

Facebook: Technically a social media site, I treat this page as a side gallery. It contains ONLY clean/SFW art. You may also message me here, but I likely will not respond quickly (I don't receive notifications unless I manually switch to my business page). This site receives convention updates, some commission updates, and ONLY SFW stream notifications. Checked approx. once a week.

HentaiFoundry: This is a side gallery containing only mature/adult FANart. Likely to include non-furry things in the future. Not checked, but I receive email notifications for every comment I receive.

Furry Network: This site looks and sounds extremely promising. I have most content mirrored from FA and up-to-date, but I don't think I'm ready to keep it updated yet. It is extremely difficult as there is no notification system implicated yet, as far as I can find. Supposedly that is supposed to be included in the next update, so once that happens, I will likely use this site more consistently.


  • The social media sites I maintain at this point are Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Telegram and Facebook.

Twitter: By far my most active social media. Gets all finished pieces, but also WIPs, doodles, and exclusive offers not shared anywhere else. Also gets my random thoughts of the day and occasional shitposting. Also by far the best way to find me at a convention. I try to keep it updated with my location. You are more than welcome to tweet at or direct message me! Even if it's just to say hi! I actually really enjoy meeting and talking to new people, especially my fans and other artists! Checked several times a day and gets notifications to my phone.

Tumblr: Mostly a mirror of FA, with a very occasional personal post here or there. Mostly here for people to reblog my art. Checked once or twice every 1-2 days. I also check every reblog and read your comments and tags lmao. You are more than welcome to message me! I may be a little slow to respond since I don't get notifications to my phone.

Instagram: Actually sort of a side gallery. Receives traditional art only, both complete pieces and sketches and WIPs. Occasionally gets convention updates.

Telegram: For those who don't know, this is an instant messenger/Wifi texting app. It's free and has a lot of cool features. I will give it out for now, but if it goes the way Skype did, I will block and remove any trace of it from the internet. Do NOT ask for updates on your commission here. This is for casual chatting only. My telegram handle is simply SpartaDog.

Facebook: I do not give out my personal Facebook to people I don't actually know. If you have it, please do not give it out without my permission.


I now have a commission form! It is still in the testing stage and I will need to work out a few kinks so please bear with me. This will not replace emails, but will instead be used in tandem with them. You can email me first and be directed to the form, or fill out the form first and I will contact you. The purpose of this form is simply to make record keeping easier on my end, especially come tax season. Your answers will be completely private and will not be shared with anyone or posted online.

You can view the form here.


  • I wake up between 9 and 11 am EST, preferably earlier but usually later.
  • I check my galleries, social media and emails between 11am and 12:30pm, and try to walk my dog.
  • Kee and I stream from 1-6pm EST Monday-Friday unless posted otherwise. We no longer do regular late streams.
  • I break for lunch at 3pm
  • I eat, and check my galleries, social media, and emails between 6:30 and 9pm. I usually check everything 1-2 times in this period. I may still respond after 9 if I catch a notification, but I don't actively check anymore and may decide to leave it until morning. I also try to walk my dog again
  • I socialize and relax between 9pm and 1 am.
  • I go to bed between 1 and 3 am.
  • I do not work on weekends, with occasional exceptions. Weekend streams will always be casual and likely personal projects.

I'm telling you this so you know when best to reach me and when I'm unavailable.

I believe that's everything. I realize a lot of this information may seem irrelevant to a lot of you, but I'm posting it anyway for those who do care, and to motivate myself to actually keep my life structured haha.

If you have any questions please let me know!

BUSINESS UPDATE: Galleries, Social Media, Commission Forms, Scheduling


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