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Resolutions for 2016 by BayzanL.Pierce

2015 is gone and now 2016 is here. This means a whole new set of challenges... :3 I'm not going to write a whole testimony on 2015 since it's rather long, boring and uninteresting. Soooo.. let's get to it!

Resolutions that I must reach. All of them are art-wise:

♦Full Bodies
▪It's team to move on from doing headshots only, unto something a lot more difficult. I know for a fact that I'll end up table flipping when I begin learning how to do paws and feet xD.

▪It's an old concept that I used to do before but, I want to learn how to shade properly. Another thing is that ever since I changed my coloring style, I've noticed that you can't use the same color to shade as I would've done in my previous style.

♦Apply the Color Theory
▪The idea was given to me by a highly talented traditional artist that I still have some questions for, and how they apply this to their art. >w> I will analyze this to the finest detail... but not before I- moving on to the next one!

▪Something other than wolves, foxes huskies or any other pointy eared species. x3

▪All types of dogs and their floppy ears. :3 If I can learn how to do floppy ears then I basically got everything else down in order to move onto specific breeds. I know I'll have to experiment a bit on large muzzles for the rottweiler, pitbull, bulldog and other large muzzle breeds.

♦Sergals, dragons, kangaroos, etc
▪:3333333333. x3 Okay, I know for a fact that I won't be able to master them 100% in 1 year buuuut, I will try my best. x3

♦1-2 Sketches a Day
▪Now, in order for me to achieve these goals I plan on doing 1 or 2 sketches a day so that I can hone my skills, though it depends on how busy life gets for me.

▪To digitally edit my mistakes... BECAUSE FUCK YEAH! :'DDDD I won't have to pencil stab myself each time I dismiss a mistake in real, only to notice it when I zoom in on the scanned version of my art. xD

Now, if I can get at least Krita, shading, the color theory and perhaps full bodies, I'll begin taking in comissions. x3


Resolutions for 2016


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