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Parker the Big Fat Monster by EccentricCreature34

Parker the Big Fat Monster


Parker the Big Fat Monster
6 feet 6 inches
666 pounds

This is my fursona, Parker the Big Fat Monster. His reference sheet was made by MickeySnivy from Fur Affinity. As his name suggests, he is a big and fat monster. He is a light black monster with a white underside. His eyes are on opposite sides of his head. He also has horns on the back of his head, spikes on his back, and pitch black Elvis Presley hair. His main feature is his big and round potbelly, complete with an outie belly button with an X on it. He can also have a big butt if desired. Optionally, he can wear an undersized black business suit and tie with no pants at all. He is 6 feet 6 inches tall, which is slightly taller than the average human. Also, if you want to draw him, you may draw him in any SFW, mature, or NSFW situations whether they be fetishy or non-fetishy as long as you give me credit for him. The only things that I won’t let you draw my fursona in are diaper/ABDL art and vomit fetish art.