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Nikon Raccoon by nikon

Nikon Raccoon


Nikon Raccoon
6 inches (15cm)

Chassis Color: Electric Blue and Deep Sapphire Blue
Hair Color: Dark Blue (Sapphire)
Eye Color: Vivid Blue
Height: 6 inches
Feet: Plantigrade
Distinguishing features: Glasses, Camera, on left thigh MicroSD slot above a MicroUSB charging port.
Clothing: Please! Blue dresses or a jean skirt and blue shirt (with some logo on it, default “Draccoon Inside.”)
Jewelry: Pierced ears, pokeball masterball necklace.

Please remember to draw me with clothes.

Muck Description: The little six inch tall draccoon bot beeps up at you. Ey are covered in shiny metal and plastic casing. A cute midnight blue nose is at the end of eir smooth muzzle. A dark mask molded into the metal and plastic. A pair of rounded rectangular glasses perch on eir muzzle in front of eir eyes. Ey has two rounded, triangular ears atop eir head, and right behind them, a pair of blue curved horns, growing back. Faux blue headfur flows around eir ears and horns falling to the middle of eir back. On eir back is a pair of sapphire blue metallic dragon wings. At the base of each wing, is a small anti-grav lifters. On each of eir shoulders, and each hip is a small clear hardlight emitter, allowing em to be covered in fur at a thought. Ey has a dark blue, on light blue ringed tail behind eir. There is a small micro SD port on eir left thigh, and a microUSB under it. Ey stands on two draconic 3-clawed feet surmounted by plantigrade legs.
Ey has on a shirt that says “Draccoon Inside” and jean skirt (the easier to plug in cables).

Likes: The small side of things, and good old photography, as I am usually shown with my Nikon N80 or D200. To show what it would be like to be a six inch tall person in a world built for those much, much larger. Also with a big of good, fun transformation tossed in for flavor, those magical flashes are so much fun. Please draw me with clothes on.

Detailed colors:
Hair: Sapphire - Hex #082567, RGB (8, 37, 103)
Body: Electric Blue - Hex #2C75FF, RGB (44, 117, 255)
Rings, Mask, hands and arm up to forearm, feet and up to fore-calf: Hex #1035A7, RGB (16,53,167)
Front (under chin, down front to between legs, but not on thighs): Hex #90B4FF, RGB (144,180,255)
Eyes, Hardlight emitter: Hex #00D5FF, RGB (0,213,255), glowing effect.
Nose, Claws, Horns: Deep cobalt blue - Hex #001b4c, RGB (0, 27, 76)
Inside of ears: Metallic Grayish cornflower blue - Hex #86a1b3, RGB (134, 161,179)

Please remember to draw me with clothes.

Art by snaildoki

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