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Kerberos 'Kirby' Somna (Helluva Boss OC) by ProfessorRat

Kerberos 'Kirby' Somna (Helluva Boss OC)


Kerberos 'Kirby' Somna (Helluva Boss OC)
~Elderly (but still plenty able to bend you over his knee)
Cis Male
A head and an half taller than Dr. Somna
Hellhound (Old English Sheepdog)

VA: David Fane

Infantry trooper in Hell's armies, high-ranking member of a Hellhound biker gang in the Wrath Ring, bodyguard for a nightclub in the Lust Ring, sailor in the Envy Ring, and now security detail for the same hospital his husband works for in the Sloth Ring.

To say this old dog's been around the block would be an understatement.

That said, there's still some energy left in this geezer, plenty to keep up with the antics of his husband, Remus, and their (many) rambunctious grandchildren. Just don't bug him when he's napping or fishing - that's the easiest way to land yourself a lecture (or butt-kicking).

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