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Sophentus (Sophia) by Karma's Camera

Sophentus (Sophia)

Karma's Camera

Sophentus (Sophia)
Right after time began (38 in mortal appearance)
25' 03"
The information has been lost to the unknown...Too bad~
Dragoness Goddess

When the universes had yet to form and Arceus had brought forth the amalgamation of elements that would become the predecessor to all known things, an inevitable anomaly would accumulate imperfections that were not preordained alongside it. The abomination would be known as the Black Ember; resulting in a cataclysm that even the most clairvoyant of deities today have trouble perceiving and recollecting. While it was indestructible, Arceus would manage to seal it away and cast it outside of all possible perception as its weakened state was not be absolute. The impurities that had been embedded in the elements would evolve throughout the eons to become the Shadow Gene.

Immediately after existence itself had begun, the birth of Sophentus followed. She would be eternally tasked to guard the Black Ember despite not even knowing of its appearance nor its function as only Arceus knew of its true nature. There would be no reason for her to step out into a universe for countless millennia as she lived out what she assumed were her days in perfect isolation; to the point where she was completely unaware of any other deity or cosmic event to have come after her. However, just one fleeting instance of curiosity would strike her thoughts; there just had to be a least something existing outside of the silent, infinite obsidian permanently surrounding her.

Eventually, after sending out an aimless "signal" into the unknown that she could retrace, Sophentus would soon come face-to-face with a peculiar arrival stumbling into the imperceptible realm; a green, winged creature with distinct ears and eyes of pure gold. Her intrigue towards the universes outside only grew as she conversed with the anxious lifeform; learning much from a small, rectangular radiance of light that was shown to her. As the creature addressed her as "Miss Sophia", a strange heat would inflame her face along with a unseen tightness gripping her insides much to her shock; sensations that she never thought would be possible to experience in the first place.

Sophentus is a soft-spoken, yet formidable soul who aims to carry out any duty to its completion. She is capable of rending and manipulating space with a single swipe of her diamond-like claws while her all-powerful breath distorts time enveloped in its ether. She also has the ability to manifest an astral projection of herself retaining her physicality which leaves her original body in a meditative state. It is able to experience any typical stimuli before sending them to her cognition, but it can only host half of her power. While she is rather sheltered and is relentlessly pained at the thought of ever stepping out into unknown, her curiosity now knows no bounds ever since the bewildering, yet heartfelt encounter with the shy, green creature.

Never would I have imagined to have stumbled into the unknown realm of the imposing/ yet elegant dragoness thanks to BluDraconoid once again!

She's...admittedly quite...s-scary...but rather nice...once she warms up...!

Just...don't tell her about the first part... ;//w//;

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