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Amber (Steven Universe) by ProfessorRat

Amber (Steven Universe)


Amber (Steven Universe)
6000+ years
Nonbinary Female
4'7" (139 cm)
Around Amethyst's

Well, about time I posted something about one of my Steven Universe OCs! For anybody interested, check out my fic featuring her on AO3 and!

VA: Lea Salonga

Musical motif: Saxophone

Dance motif: Tap dancing

Role: Ninja/Support

Weapon: Tekko-kagi claws

Abilities: Invisibility; Energy manipulation, especially light and electricity - and buff and debuff Gems and even destabilize them; Teleportation; High speed; Highly proficient shapeshifter; Trained in various Earth martial arts

Personality: She is a humble sort, someone who prefers not to draw too much attention to herself. However, she's not above indulgence, especially with people she knows. In fact, she has a adventurous spirit that isn't picky, whether for the realms of fiction or the realms of the great outdoors.

A scholar by heart (or gem rather), she is always eager to share what she knows of other cultures (particularly human) and does her best to encourage this same level of curiosity in others. This sometimes brings her into conflict with her fellow Gems.

Like Steven, she is optimistic and emotionally intelligent, although past experiences have tempered these aspects with caution as well. Sensible and patient by nature, she prefers to approach situations slow and easy if she can so that she can get a feel for what's going on, a preference that can backfire on her in a fight. As a result, she is both diligent and reliable in whatever tasks she's given, able to get consistent results.

Her mindfulness and laidback demeanor make her easy to talk to, also like Steven, as does her very slow temper, although some might mistake this and the patience for her being a pushover. On the contrary, when push comes to shove, Amber knows when to put her foot down and smack sense into others. She can also be decisively swift and ruthless in battle, either bearing down on her targets until they submit or striking weak points with razor-sharp precision.

First and foremost, however, Amber is a survivalist. When the chips are down, she will do anything to ensure she (and others) will live to see another day or end a fight as quickly as possible.

Due to past experiences, she harbors a deep fear that all her individual actions have no meaning in the end, that all her accomplishments are due to either luck or the skills of those helping her. This often manifests in similar behavior as Steven in Future.

She's also become something of a lone wolf where other Gems are concerned - not unfriendly per say, but more than willing to go behind the Crystal Gems' backs if she feels they're not doing their job or taking too much time with a critical issue. It doesn't help that her experiences with Homeworld (and the Crystal Gems) have engrained in her a deep shame of Gem culture, hence why she keeps her mouth shut about it unless asked.

Biography: Born on Earth before the Rebellion, she and her sisters (Cherry and Icy) joined Rose Quartz's rebellion. Sadly, Cherry and Icy gave up their lives along the way to save their sister from capture. What's more, Amber herself was among the countless unlucky to get caught in the Diamond's Corruption Blast centuries later.

Yet somehow, she winds up masquerading as a family dog in the present-day. How curious.

There also appears to be a connection between her and Lapis Lazuli, although the nature of said connection remains to be seen.


  • Deku (My Hero Academia)
  • Tails (STH)
  • Mr. Peabody
  • Velma
  • Sandy (ROTG)

Steven Universe belongs to Rebecca Sugar and Ian Quarterly. Amber is my own original character.

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