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Umi Arisaka (Arisaka Umi/有坂 ウミ)


4 March 2021 at 05:36:17 MST

Umi Arisaka (Arisaka Umi/有坂 ウミ)
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NOTE: Top of her head is rounded, Gagpal3 just has a lovely angular stylization to his work.

Veteran turned office worker turned assassin, Umi Arisaka is hell-bent on achieving her own objective moral perfection.

She's the adopted daughter of a Motoro family and has nothing but good to say about her formative years. She developed a love for Kendo early on and became a school athletics champion in the sport. In addition to kendo, she developed an affinity for ancient arms in general. When she wasn't practicing for matches, she was practicing with a katana, wakizashi, and nodachi. Upon graduation from school and conscription into the local defense forces, she found she liked the structure the military offered her and volunteered to be a commando.

She left the military after her contract was up to try something new, only to find confusion and frustration. She's very much a person who needs drive and direction. She bounced between fast food, retail, and office jobs. Eventually, she landed a gig as a secretary at a major bank. What might have been the beginning of a mundane life of quiet desperation ended when the bank HQ she worked at was besieged by anti-government militiamen. She was able to escape her captors and return to her car in the parking lot only to retrieve a token of her homeland she purchased to make her own dwelling feel more like home:

A katana and wakizashi she'd purchased at a pawn shop.

Removing her office skirt, heels, and proceeding barefoot, she returned to the building she'd just escaped from. She was the first force to arrive in opposition to the hostage-takers. While vastly outnumbered 60 to 1, it didn't seem to phase her that much.

The police weren't able to arrive before she'd departed. They weren't even the second to do so. A team from the PMC Oasis Dynamics on contract from the government to monitor this particular militia arrived after Umi had already cut through most of them. This team was lead by the enigmatic president and owner of Oasis, the woman only known as Mirage.

Mirage's intense hatred for criminality and evil struck a chord with Umi. She took Mirage as a mentor and employer. While Umi doesn't blindly follow Mirage and even questions her black & white world view, she still holds loyalty to the woman who gave her the direction she needed.

Umi can be described as quiet and reserved, but not overly hostile in interactions. Her expressions can tend to be deadpan and without much emotion. Smiles are few and far between from her. It's this stoic appearance that makes her Oasis Dynamics' most popular personal security specialist. Politicians and activists can expect a surprisingly affordable fee for her services if she deems them worthy of her protection.

She's dedicated to two things: Moral perfection and making her parents proud. It should be noted her parents couldn't be any prouder of their daughter and this drive seems to be self-inflicted by Umi. This all rolls into her own personal honor. It's a concept she holds very high. However, don't mistake her commitment toward what she deems honorable as a flaw.

In combat, she may favor the katana, but she will not refuse a ranged weapon of any kind. While she also has her own personal code of honor, she only extends this to individuals who would offer her a similar discipline. In short, if someone is willing to stab her in the back, she'll do much the same as such an individual isn't worthy of her respect in her eyes. While a normally quiet and reserved person, Umi can summon a chilling and horrific war cry that's earned her the sobriquet of 'Banshee' from some.

Relationship-wise, she's only had two romantic encounters; one while she was still in the commandos and one with Mirage's most-hated rival, Sam Saiga. Romance is, however, not something she puts too much effort into.

To Umi, a sauna followed by tea is the epitome of relaxation.

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