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Spiral Spotlight


13 September 2020 at 04:51:57 MDT

Spiral Spotlight
Rabbit Holland Lop

Spiral Spotlight, he grew up introverted. His parents got a home far away from general society very far up north and tried their best to keep him away from other people. He was home schooled until the beginning of high school "american school system". During his youth he enjoyed exploring the woods, working on vehicles with his father, and watching cartoons about super heroes. When he got into High School he had become very awkward, he became very difficult to either socialize with or to be socialized to. He kept to himself and focused gradually on his studies. By the time of graduation right before he was able to complete his graduation ceremony he was informed of his parents tragic passing. So rather then giving a speech about his bright future and the changes he wishes to make in his life. He left and fled from the school. He was broken, alone, had no one. Luckily his experience in working with motor vehicles paid off as he was able to secure employment with a auto body shop and got himself the cheapest broken down apartment he could afford. For awhile he spent most of his days drinking himself to death, going on walks, and keeping up with comedy shows and the news. Eventually he happened to stumble upon a club that exposed him to Rave Culture. The bright energy and free expression from his body and the crazy attitudes of the people around him gave him a glimmer of reassurance. He would continue to seek out this love for Rave Culture for weeks before eventually getting himself his own outfit and dubbing himself "Spiral Spotlight". Now he lives a still sad life, but has friends and people to help keep him going. To remind him what he's working towards, and give him a chance he didn't have before.

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