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26 January 2020 at 01:20:49 MST

bl1p vx02

BL1P vx02|1/26/20 “cyberbuck 2020”

An artificial, but mostly organic being who loves to explore the world.
Originally created as a machine learning / AI experiment based on cervine and canine brain scans, he eventually was allowed to design and build a body for himself.
His body is highly modular, allowing continued iteration and development of new parts. It is powered by a compact but extremely efficient bioreactor paired with soft biochemical power storage cells which make up the majority of his insides. One significant improvement over earlier versions is the addition of stereo eye cameras for more accurate depth perception.

01 New stereo eye cameras in version 2 allow for better depth perception as well as better vision in general.

02 Snout camera now replaced with very touch sensitive boop zone. pls boop :3

03 New hand and foot hooves have a grippy rubbery texture and are cabaple of generating small microgravity bullshit fields, which can be used to lift/hold/manipulate small objects from a short distance. Useful for holding things like pens and pencils, phones, etc. Also useful for typing, although he often accidentally pulls the keys off of keyboards.

04 Soft belly :3 Almost all of his skin (except for dark gray areas and some white areas) can function similarly to an e-ink display to show simple low res graphics.

05 Definitely no genitals here [it’s a nullspot, but that’s also an interchangeable module . . . . . . . . . have it you’re way]

06 Wing module doesn’t quite allow flight, but he can use them to glide down from places comfortably.

07 Back of head includes biometric authentication spot to allow trusted people to do things like download sensor logs, remove modules, or control body displays.

08 Soft heart butt hell yeah. Pictured here with ‘default’ soft oversized whitetail-like tail module. Bleat

09 Antlers look cool but get in the way a lot, so he usually doesn’t use them.

10 Current middle back accessory port options include dorsal fin and a compact short range jetpack (in development).

11 Current universal tail port accessory options include standard oversized deer tail, a long weighted tail for better maneuverability while gliding, and a whale tail for faster swimming.

12 Ass butt

13 Do you have to wear clothes if you’re sort of a robot? No
(ok but maybe do?)

14 Whee!

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