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Galileo Erebus Kuiper by ProfessorRat

Galileo Erebus Kuiper


Galileo Erebus Kuiper
6 ft. 3 in / 190.5 cm
175 lbs. / 79.4 kg.
Cat/Boss Monster

Other Names:

Gali (by Asgore)
Leo (by Asgore and Toriel)
Doc (by Undyne and Sans)
Professor Kuiper (by everyone else, especially Alphys)
Doctor K (by Monster Kid)
Mr. Snuffles (by Papyrus and Mettaton)
Snuffy (by Asgore in private)

Voice Actor/Face Claim:

Naveen Andrews
Jafar (Once a Upon a Time in Wonderland)
Sayid Jarrah (Lost)
Balraj (Bride and Prejudice)
If you want to hear how the character would sound:


At first glance, this aloof fellow would give the impression of a man capable of destroying you in more ways than you can count. Though not false in itself, that is only the tip of the iceberg. In reality, Galileo Kuiper is an urbane individual who would gladly show off his latest invention to anyone interested. As the only known Boss Monster left besides the Dreemurs, this gentleman has seen much throughout his long life and is more than happy to share to experience with younger generations, even if his storytelling can get dark and graphic at times.

An introvert at heart, Galileo fiercely dedicates himself to whatever job he holds so long as he can put his heart into it - both as Royal Advisor (and part-time bodyguard) to the Dreemur family and now as the Underground's leading technological expert. A diligent hard-worker, once he sets his mind on a task, there's almost no stopping him due to his stubbornness. At which point, keeping him company from time to time would be in his best interest since the man tends to get stir crazy after having no one to talk to after a while.

At the same time, Galileo has a persona beyond his duties. In fact, outside of work, he becomes notoriously mischievous and daresay even goofy, settling for subtle pranks such as spicy condiments in someone's drink or eating something in front of someone who hates that particular food. The cat professor also possesses a epicurean approach to life, never hesitant to indulge himself to the fullest and encourage others to do the same. Conversations with him usually tend to be pleasant, interesting, diverse and easygoing thanks to his worldliness and sense of tact, unless he feels spiteful like with Toriel.

Loyal and self-sacrificing to a fault, he would gladly lay his life on the line for those closest to him, not to mention monsterkind in general. For this reason, his protectiveness can get to the point of being smothering, especially over any children entrusted to him. Unfortunately, that aspect of him can also feed into his vindictive nature when anyone under his care gets hurt. Earning his trust is hard enough, but earning that trust back can be near impossible as he can hold a grudge for long periods of time. This is one of the reasons folks, even other monsters, tend to be wary of the man and fear crossing him.

Deep down, though, Galileo only wants to insure he doesn't lose any more loved ones and wind up all alone again. That fear illustrates the sensitivity he hides beneath his cool, logical exterior and why he sometimes jumps the gun regarding certain people in his life. However, those emotional attachments are also what spur his bravery and autonomy as he knows he will always have at least one person to fall back on should a plan of his backfire.

A little known fact: Galileo is a textbook romantic, even in his intellectual pursuits, as he will often overlay whatever he's doing with heartfelt sentiments on passion and fate and the like. He's awful at flirting, though he improves with Asgore's help over time.


Born to Boss Monsters before the war, back when they were abundant and diverse, Galileo was much more demure and dependent as a child. Having known Toriel since early childhood, he revered the future queen as a big sister and could often be found by her side, a silent shadow to the more exuberant and adventurous young lady. He only knew Asgore back then as that boy Tori would often taunt and tease whenever they crossed paths. Galileo never said anything for fear of doing or saying something that would upset Toriel. There were a few times, however, when the little kitten would run into Asgore by himself and found they got along rather well.

Sadly, the days of innocence ended once the war between humans and monsters began. Barely adults then, he and Asgore and Toriel witnessed sights that would forever haunt them and drastically alter their views on humanity. Galileo, in particular, lost his family in a surprise raid by the humans and would have surely died himself had that raider not changed his mind out of pity and left him alive. Because of this travesty, the losses and cruelties he saw from fighting the war, the lingering influence of his parent's prejudiced views, and his people's imprisonment, Galileo came to develop an intense hatred for humans and vowed that any who dared venture into the Underground would die.

His people needed him more, though, and so over the centuries, he developed numerous innovative inventions to alleviate the struggles of life in the Underground. One was a series of mechanical spiders modeled after Muffet's little friends that ran on regular electricity (not magic) so they could spy on the human world and help Monsters prepare for when the barrier broke. Beyond his personal works, Galileo also played part in several technological advancements during his long career. In fact, he was one of the most frequent contributors for ideas to the construction of Dr. Gaster's greatest project: the Core.

Besides his job as an inventor, he also served as royal advisor to the Dreemur family, a position his mother held before her death and he was slotted to take once he became of age. Like Toriel, he provided a more logical and practical standpoint to issues in contrast to Asgore's more sentimental and simpler perspective. However, he also possessed expertise over a wider breadth of topics than the queen did thanks to living in a family full of scholars and intellectuals, so there were often times when even Toriel would need his assistance.

For this reason, he also strictly oversaw Asriel's whole education, which wasn't hard since the young prince regarded him as a 'super-smart' uncle.

When the human child appeared in the Underground, Galileo hadn't known what to think at first. Years away from the humans had mellowed him, but spite like that does not die easily, so he shared obvious reservations with letting Chara stay down here but had to contend with the Queen and King's decision to adopt them. To say things between him and Chara started out tense would've been an understatement, but little by little Galileo noticed signs that hinted at what the child had to put up with on the surface. Then slowly yet surely, he started to open himself up to the child. Before he knew what hit him, he'd become the closest to Chara due to their similar personalities and shared detest for humanity.

That's why he become so deeply distressed at the child’s death and Asriel's, feeling as though humanity's depravity had struck once again. Toriel’s departure after Asgore’s subsequent declaration of war on humanity -one Galileo openly and vehemently encouraged - did not help either. As of now, he and Toriel and Asgore were the only known surviving Boss Monsters left with Asriel gone, and now with Toriel absent, Galileo could only stay by Asgore’s side for all those centuries, keeping his distraught king and old friend company.

Abilities and Powers:

A man of high intellect, Professor Kuiper is talented in various and numerous pursuits, particularly technology and cuisine. His fighting skills are no exception. Like Undyne, he specializes in green magic only in his case, it manifests as numbers and mathematical constructs that the target's SOUL must dodge to avoid damage. Examples include generated Cartesian planes where the target can only move along the x- and y- axes to dodge incoming points, moving lists of binary code that one must traverse through to escape, and Sudoku-like grids where red numbers will either gradually fill until one safe spot is left or fly across columns and rows to strike the target's SOUL.

Outside of magic, Kuiper is an accomplished swordsman and close-combat fighter. Favoring skill and precision over raw power, he always takes the time to gauge an opponent's weaknesses first before going on the offensive and is not above resorting to psychological manipulation to gain an edge.

During the Genocide Route, he will absorb all the data he has on the fallen monsters into his being to assume a stronger, genie-like form. However, he will also lose all semblance of emotion, becoming no different from a computer.


  • Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno – Sailor Moon
  • Mr. Peabody – Mr. Peabody and Sherman
  • Pearl – Steven Universe
  • Coran — Voltron: Legendary Defender
  • Mordecai Heller – Lackadaisy
  • Demona – Gargoyles

  • Themes:

    Neutral/Pacifist Battle: "Hold On" by Elliot Berger and Ranja

    Genocide Battle: "Hold On" by Elliot Berger and Ranja (Elgus Remix)

    Galileo Kuiper is my own character. Undertale belongs to Toby Fox.

    FurAffinity | Deviantart

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