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Keanu Aolani Jameson by ProfessorRat

Keanu Aolani Jameson


Keanu Aolani Jameson
5 ft. 1 in. / 154.94 cm.
22 lbs. / 9.98 kg.
Scottish Terrier

Other Names: Mr. Jameson, Mr. J (by Penny), Jamama (by Baby Sherman), J-Momma, Anu (by Peabody), Nu-Nu (also by Peabody), Hog-Child (his grandfather)

Birthplace: Oahu, Hawaii

History: Abandoned just after birth, he was taken in and raised by a newly-wed biracial couple. Unfortunately, when the family went to New York to visit Keanu's uncle for the puppy's birthday, Mr. and Mrs. Jameson died from stray gunfire, leaving a five-year old Keanu alone and terrified in a city full of strangers. Due to him being "different", he was sent to an animal shelter run by a kind woman named Claire Richie, where he would stay for the time being until his uncle would come for him.

It was there he met and befriended Peabody, and rather well over the week they'd gotten to know each other, especially when Keanu saved the smaller dog one day. So well in fact that Peabody decided to be adopted by Keanu's uncle. Over the years, Peabody and Jameson have weathered many trials both together and apart during the course of their relationship, and did not progress to deeper feelings until late adolescence.

Keanu was not present during the events of the movie since he was staying at the hospital at the time for his mental disorders. However, he and the other patients did learn of the warphole incident the day it happened, mainly because of an out-of-control cake delivery truck slamming through the wall, an unscathed Marie Antoinette still enjoying her dessert.

A week after that event and since then, he has been officially released and readjusting to life with his family.

Personality: Type-B, impulsive, flirtatious, childish, rugged, hands-on, protective, honest, genuine, loyal, playful, modest, independent, goofball, party animal

Skills: Leopard-style Kung Fu, Lua (Hawaiian martial arts), great physical strength, swimming, breakdancing, artistry, good with kids, singing (even though he pretends to be bad at it), lucid imagination--this means that he can perfectly imagine his thoughts as if they are a part of reality, sort of like voluntary hallucinations (part of the reason why he's such an excellent artist)

Weaknesses: Bad at keeping secrets, PTSD (from seeing his parents die), mixed bipolar disorder, susceptible to anger when provoked, struggles with self-esteem (though as not badly when grown-up), clumsy when nervous, plans that tend to go awry, sometimes charges ahead without thinking

Likes: Mr. Peabody, Sherman, Penny, Ms. Richie (OC), relaxation, music, animated movies, making artwork, writing poetry, revisiting or talking about Hawaii, proving himself, most video games (especially Kingdom Hearts), poking fun (especially at Peabody), exercise

Dislikes: Guns, his adoptive grandfather (for treating him and his parents so horribly), anyone who threatens his friends and family, Ms. Grunion, insults to his culture, working too hard, pork, war games (Call of Duty, for instance)

Family: Mr. Peabody (spouse), Sherman (son)

Friends: Penny Peterson, Paul and Patty Peterson, Ms. Richie, Pearl Leilani (OC), Leonardo da Vinci, Jimi Hendrix, Theodore Roosevelt, Rocky, Bullwinkle

Enemies: Ms. Grunion, his grandfather, Boris, Natasha

IQ: 118

Orientation: Bisexual, mostly men (regardless of gender identity)

Love Interests: Mr. Peabody

Inspirations: Baloo (Jungle Book/Talespin), Chie Satonaka (Persona 4), Po (Kung Fu Panda), Ron Stoppable (Kim Possible), Amethyst (Steven Universe), Dodger (Oliver and Company), Asgore (Undertale), Makoto Kino (Sailor Moon), Grizz (We Bare Bears)

Voice Actor: Zach Callison (child); Bobby Moynihan (teenager); Jason Momoa (adult)

Face Actor: Jason Momoa

Themes: "Perth" by Bon Iver--Paper Tigers Remix

Mr. J is my character. That is all.

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