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sawtooth by RUDE



8.5 ft
est 480 lbs

The sawtooth is a biological horror

its body does not store energy as fat, but instead uses it to regenerate damaged tissue or burns it almost immediately after ingestion

it's body is hardly capable of withstanding the intense heat it generates and expels it through the fissures lining its chitinous carapace

to get to close to its body for prolonged periods of time would result in being boiled in your own blood,the fissures in some areas are expandable or retractable,it's believed if starved that it will seal itself up and form a cocoon, however it has yet to be proven as any party foolhardy enough to try has been consumed

where does the saw tooth get all this energy you ask?

simple, by consuming massive quantity's of biomass,aka you

it;s palms are covered in a Velcro like coating of barbs for gripping prey, and the massive tendril extending from it's back is fully prehensile, allowing it to wield it's entire body like a giant hand

it's mouth opens wide into a sheet of eagerly wriggling and vibrating teeth, ready to slice and pulverise anything that comes in contact into a bloody sludge which is quickly sucked into the stomach and dissolved

in cases of stronger biomass, the sawtooth will vomit on it's prey while eating

softening even the hardest of bone

the stomach can distend greatly ,allowing it to hold the sludge as it is consumed

excess liquid filtered from the bodies of its victims is expelled from orifices in the shoulders in the form of a superheated steam,and after a feeding frenzy it has been known to expel plasma as well

scientists following up on the cases of this monster's attack believe it to be some sort of bio-engineered power converter

turning it's victims into pure energy

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    would love to see it in action, super scary by the sounds of it

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    ... Rude. I have a problem. I want to give it a hug. I feel like that wouldn't be healthy.

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    OOoo<3 I really love the design! The way you have the mouth split open with some color inside to make it look kinda like magma makes it very interesting.