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Fortis by Silverhorsey



8,6 Feet
3400 Pounds
Equi de Stellae

Age: 305
Height: 8.6ft (normal ) 1000 miles (macro )
Weight: 3400 lbs (Normal)
Color: Tan brow with shades of beige and dark browns to red
Eyes: Green
Species: Equi de Stellae (horses from the stars)
The magical equestrians originate from a large luscious planet commonly referred to as Terra Deorum. The true name of the planet that had been the home of the demigods was incomprehensible to mortals, both out of secrecy and age-old magic that prevented the identity to be revealed to those who were not Equi de stellae, or horses from the stars. Most of the planet consisted of dense forest and wide-open plains, lakes and streams scattered throughout the world. Two main continents were separated by a mighty ocean. While the first continent on the western side of the ocean, named Terre Vernali, was ruled by a royal family and had proud roots in agriculture. the continent on the eastern side was split up into a handful of smaller, democratic nations. This continent was known as latitúdinem, a place of liberty. Each smaller nation was a melting pot of culture, and a war had not been fought in over two thousand years. The average life span for the magical unicorns could be up to 1500 years old. Their ability to control and manipulate the forces around them was something that separated them from most other intelligent beings in the universe. Intergalactic travel was perfected within a few hundred years, and soon missionaries and academics made it a goal to spread their religion and knowledge to any species willing to accept it. Scribes traveled to the far ends of the universe to gather knowledge on other races. Conquest wasn’t in mind for the mass majority of the Equi de Stellae. The king and all democratically elected leaders all agreed that they would not abuse their power, and most of the species agreed with that decision.

Personality , powers and background: Born in Terre Vernali a hornless Equi de Stellae. While this limits his magical potential significantly it is made up for by his extreme physical power and durability. He lived a normal life under the monarchs until he was given the choice;s he could purse, a military carer working with both horned and hornless Equi de Stellae protecting mortal worlds, or a job in agriculture and logging fuelling the nations economy's . He chooses the latter and joined the royal guard. He trained and honed his physical abilities and what little could in his magic ones. To a human he can move faster then the human eye can see, lift and throw whole continents, as well as being immune to weapons of mortals. After a lot of training he also learned to grow using his magic though this their limit. As a soldier he is highly disciplined and can come of as cold to mortals when he's one duty. When not on duty he is a friendly god though and will still up for mortals. He enjoys working out, social drinking, sport, and helping out mortals where ever he can.

Fortis belongs to me
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