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Horse/Corvid/Wolf hybrid

Occupation: Former Heir to the Throne, Exiled and was previously an assistant Midwife to his foster mother before becoming a Nomadic Necromancer

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Bio: Algernon was born to the King and Queen of a small kingdom-two Equine Royals, who, upon seeing the mixed features of their newborn instantly thought of him as an abomination. Initially, the King accused the Queen of infidelity, citing their child's hybridization as proof, but their Royal Adviser, considering Algernon was a hybrid of three species rather than only two, suggested perhaps the Queen had been cursed, and their child's appearance was the result. Distraught, the King and Queen sent a guard to take the newborn and abandon it in the wilderness, and no one speak of its existence outside of the royal court for threat of execution. Left in the wild to die, Algernon was happened upon an elderly vulture woman, who worked as a midwife for the local village.

She took in the hybrid, and taught him everything she new about her craft-even how it was that Algernon's strange appearance came to be. Algernon was a natural-born chimera, an extremely rare occurrance where traits of past distant ancestors who were not Equine would sometimes present themselves in mixed species traits, such as Algernon's lupine ears, tail, eyes and teeth or corvid wings and claws. This likely meant that his mother or father, or perhaps both had ancestors who were corvids and wolves, way back in their bloodlines. Unfortunately due to superstition or accusations of infidelity, chimeras like him were rarely allowed to live past infancy, and if they were they were often shunned and feared as cursed or monsters. His foster mother of course loved and accepted Algernon as he was, and while teaching him about life and birth, she would also teach him about the world of the dead-as she was also a necromancer herself, and would pass this knowledge to him as well.

Tragedy would strike again however, as word got out of the old vulture woman dabbling in the 'forbidden arts' reached the village church. Guards were sent to drag the woman away to the stake for execution, and the old woman bid Algernon to flee. He did not, instead attacking the guards to try and free her, even slaying one with his own fangs-but he was still a boy himself, and so was overwhelmed and dragged away with his mother, past the churchyard and the cemetery, to the square where the stake waited. The old woman was tied there and set ablaze, as Algernon watched on in horror and grief. That was when he had had enough-and calling forth the forbidden magic passed down from the midwife, he raised the dead in the church-sending them to attack the guards and villagers. In the chaos of the ensuing battle, he took off into the wilderness, leaving the village and kingdom, never to return again.

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