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Rosemary Godfread


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Rosemary Godfread
5.3 ft
138 pounds
Human/ ink human hybrid

Rosemary's character info and bio.
Her old one is here;
I thought Rosemary needed a better ref , I am going to be drawing her a lot more so this should be especially helpful. I gave her some heart motifs and a few rosemary herb connections too. I want to make her a couple of outfits for later as well because I have a stand alone story for her after the comic she is in is over.The comic she is featured in can be seen here;

(Update 8/26/2018) Outfit reference is here:

Colors used this is mostly for me , because I switch between marker and color pencil and it helps me keep up with what colors to use;
For Markers;
skin- cinnamon (base), henna (shade)
hair- chestnut brown
eyes- cool grey 1 , 3, and 4.
hat/clothes - pale baby blue (base) , sky blue (shade) , yellow (accents ) , lipstick red (accents) )

For Colored pencils;
Skin- lg(Lyra giant) 10 (base), lg.2 (shade)

Hair - lg.1 (base) , lg.6 (shade) or van dyck brown(base) , sepia brown (shade)
Eyes- light grey (base) , silver grey (base/accent) , dark grey(detail)
Hat-/clothes- sky blue (base) , true blue( shade/detail), Light chrome (yellow accents) , pale germanium lake (red accents)

Bio and general info

Name: Rosemary Godfread

Nickname: Rosy (By friends), paper mage

Date of birth: March 12, 1922

Birth place: n/a,moved around a lot

Age: 26

Height: 5.3 ft

Body type: Chello body type, 36-E, her hips are wider than her average shoulders and large bust, She has average length legs for her height and a short waist.

Weight: 138 pounds

Sex: Female

Eyes: medium grey

Hair: Medium-dark brown

Species: human, African descent.

Occupation: part time animator, (former) assistant cleric

"You can do anything within reason; fall in love, make a business, adventure etc. You just have to have the passion but with a sense of moderation. Be driven, not stupid."

Personality Traits:

Rosemary is a poise yet passionate individual. She is a realist but retains a partially optimistic outlook on life, realizing that "Things do get bad but you have to do your best to make them better." She is religious but keeps an open mind as anything unexpected can happen. She believes faith in a higher power should not excuse ignorance or be used against someone.
Rosemary has a friendly and disarming demeanor. Coupled with being very sincere, this allows people to let their guards down around her. She will gladly listen to your ails and woes, with many finding her mere presence very soothing as well. She is not without her down faults as her sincerity can be used against her and people see her as an easy target from time to time. She can be too sincere, offering information that can be a tad too detailed or open. Being a believer in "tactful honest" supersedes "lying" to her. However, the term, "I didn't need to hear that", is often her answer to her troubles. Keep in mind She can read a room and is very aware so she can adjust her wording to try and lighten or repair the situation. With her sincerity, many people assume her to be gullible, ironically though she can usually catch on when someone is trying to "pull the wool" over her.
Rosemary is also known for her duel nature of a sweet side and her sharp tongue. She has learned the hard way that you can’t be nice to everyone and insists that it is up to you on what side of her they receive that day. Rosemary rarely raises her voice but Her words can cut deep and her temper can become short on certain topics. She rarely curses but each insult and comeback is deeply personal and analytical to the person she aims them at. She doesn't do this unless she feels it is necessary. This is usually in defense of herself or someone else. It is fairly hard to get her in a negative mood so this is not shown often. She can be witty and engaging in social circles but does just as wellbeing by herself. Rosemary has an uncanny ability to remember almost anything she has experienced and can bring up things from the past and present in startling detail. Even down to dates and position of the sun.


Rosemary has worked with animation so much, she sees people and moving things in numbered frames from time to time. She uses it to help her animate her frames better, she can turn this off though.
She is familiar with the supernatural, being able to sense them to a degree. however, she does her best to avoid most of it. Insists that no good comes of it. Whenever something weird happens and it is supernatural related she states, "Didn't see a damn thing!" And walks as far away as possible from the ensuing mess. She calls this feeling, "Bad voodoo."
She hides snacks in her hat. Her co-workers often nag her to share her stash. Usually she obliges, although she sometimes charges them if it is chocolate.
obliges, although she sometimes charges them if it is chocolate.
Other than her animation works, she thoroughly enjoys making graphic novels and coming up with story lines. She has a few comics published and some are on-going. A particular favorite character of her's is Jodi Collens, a American Pit Bull Terrier pursuing a career in ballet.
She works with oil painting as well, often using her friends as the subject matter. An odd talent of hers is her proficiency with folding paper, or "Origami.". An old friend of her's from childhood showed her how to fold a paper crane. She enjoyed it so much that as a side hobby she figures out how to make anything and everything she can. She is very fast with her folding, being able to make a bucket full of paper frogs in five minutes. She can make paper swords , paper shield, paper dragons, etc.

Cartoons, the suburbs, woods, comics, oil painting, surrealism, gold dipping nibs, animated movies, drawing, baklava, folk tales, talkies, dark lipstick, ferrets, interest in origami, suki ink, Indian ink.

the city, her freckles, bug bites, ruined frames, unsteady hands, chalk, light makeup, desk work, things getting in the way, supernatural things of clear danger.

powers and abilities:
*Besides seeing some of the unseen, Rosemary has no supernatural power.

*Is as physically strong as a normal woman who engages in regular exercise.

*Instant recall; she can remember almost anything she experiences in startling detail. If she sees it or reads it once,'
she can draw/write it out .

*Can predict people's movement and behaviors by the position of their joints and their expressions.

*Rosemary is really good at quick sketches and can draw a person detail for detail in a few seconds. It works wonders
for penciling in animation but people have wondered why she hasn't bothered to do police sketches as a side job.

*Average weaknesses attributed to the human body.

*Has an allergy to parsnips.

*Running out of paper.

She wishes to work at an animation company long term and produce her own cartoons.

Rosemary was raised by her Aunt and Uncle, Sorrel and Caraway. They raised her and their daughter Sage who was six years older. The family moved around a lot (Due to the Uncle's job) during her childhood and no one learned where she was born. (They had to get a new birth certificate for her and the doctor just made up a city when she was twelve.) The family always carried their television with them, she would usually watch cartoons and would eventually instill her love of them. As she got older she would work odd jobs here and there and even got a few drawing comics for a local newspaper.
She stayed with them until she turned 19, where she set out on her own. She would eventually go to the city and try to work part time at various animation studios that would bother to look at her, doing small parts in a cartoon short or commercial or even office work until she built up her credibility. Some were better than others but she tried her best not to be deterred. During this time, she stayed in a small apartment near the edge of town, it was tiny but peaceful. She would always write her family and call them every now and again. Eventually, after some more success, she sets her sights on a well-known Studio that has been understaffed as of late. she tries her luck there.

Bendy and the ink machine belong to themeatlygames

character belongs to me.

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