2019 Sketch Series 9/52 - Matthew by MysteryBeliever-KJB

2019 Sketch Series 9/52 - Matthew


19 April 2019 at 01:49:11 MDT

2019 Sketch Series 9/52 - Matthew

This character bears my name because he was the main character/leader of Team Quavers. I kid you not, when I randomized this year's list, both the leader and partner characters of PMD landed right next to each other. When the game starts, you type in your own name, and then partake of a character quiz to determine what Pokémon you play as (honestly one of my least favorite aspects of this otherwise good game). I manipulated the quiz answers because I wanted to get Squirtle, as it was my favorite Pokémon at the time.

As far as what I added to this character beyond the game...not that much, honestly. I decided to not put a lot of thought on his original future, and focused on immediate post-game events. Sadly...he is no longer alive. Towards the end of 2012, as Team Quavers was close to capturing the wicked mayor of Treasure Town, the team stumbled into a dungeon where they could only pass by answering three riddles correctly. The consequences of a wrong answer was a swift, brutal decapitation. Matthew, thinking he had the right answer to the first one, got it wrong, and the dungeon guardian promptly ended his life right before the very eyes of his other team members. Brian, Abel, Roy, and Naomi are left to solve the dungeon alone, and escape unscathed (though emotionally destroyed). Brian steps up to become the new leader, and their mission in stopping the mayor is a success less than a year later. Unfortunately, this mission saw much more bloodshed than the in-game one...


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