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5 December 2018 at 13:13:55 MST

Nonbinary (She/Them)
5' 2"


Cynical, Pessimistic, Introverted but not quiet/anti-social.
Phone Addict, Nailbiter, Drinks too much.
Morbid sense of humor, rarely displays affection.

Suffers from BPD + "Borderline Schizophrenia"
Demons, only visable to her, agitate her when she has an episode.
If depressive episode then they try to convince her of self-depricating things
If manic epuside then they try to convince her to be violent

Wants to be seen as tough, cold, and a "bad bitch"
Sees herself as weak and a monster.

Is honest, even to a fault, and can come off as rude.
Very competitive, makes snap judgements despite being very smart.
Hates criticism and loves priase but doesn't show it.

Biggest fear is hurting a loved one during one of her episodes.
Cries when angry.

Stands up for her friends and views but rarely anything else.
Doesn't like to get involved in other peoples' business

Has a large following online and obsessively checks notifications.
Obsessed with staying relevant and popular to cope with her IRL lonliness.

Hates repeating themselves and loates small talk.
Likes to debate and bring up controversial topics in public.

Has to be the last one to walk out the door and hates mirrors.
Demons appear frequently in mirrors for her and are often more powerful when looking at them through mirrors.

Is an only child who hates her mother and desperately craves her father's attention.
He travels a lot so she rarely ever sees him and it's clear she's not that important to him.
Loves airports becuase it reminds her of all the times she went with to pick up her dad.
Sees her as a "distraction" from his work and making money. Wishes she was a boy so he could teach her to run the family business.

Family is very rich.
When she was younger she wanted to be a "hobo" because she hated how money seperated their family.

Lives by, "Keep friends close and enemies closer"
Is very kinky and sexually active. Likes degration and roughness in partners.
Often has sex with people she hates.

Was very violent as a kid, rebelled a lot to get father's attention.
Made her dad come home several times from business trips because of getting in trouble.
Has countless suspensions and multiple expulsions since elementary school.

Taught herself to wield knives and is very skilled in them.
Fairly well trained in self-defense, but typically keeps a knife on her at all times.

Loves japanese food, especially desserts, and fruits.
Apricots, Peaches, and Cherries are her favorites.

Has a strong distain for "mainstream" things
Despises people she considers "mindless sheep"
Believes in a lot of conspiracy theories.

art by Sleepygills on FurAffinity

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