Elemyr by Rajita



3 October 2018 at 15:55:06 MDT


This new baby is Elemyr the Smoke Elementa.

Elementas are a hybrid of canines, felines and deer. They
are created from pure elements, able to control, create and
form into the element they are born from.

I love Wys' elementa and was just waiting on the right one and here they are! I am so excited to get more pretties of this baby!

They have no preferred gender and will often eschew a corporeal form and glide along as a cloud of smoke. When they do want to appear to others they may appear as a simple feral form and smell of simple wood smoke. Elemyr being able to travel large differences as simple smoke becomes informed of various news across the land and will convey the tidings to those that know how to commune with them.

Jelani and her witch doctor mentor Do know the method to summon Elemyr from thin air :^) and are one of the only ones that have seen Elemyr's gendered anthro forms.

Her female form seems somehow more firey than her others forms, as if burning. She only appears with ill omens, grave tidings that if not acted upon surely spell doom for some inhabitants of the jungle. She is called Elemi in this form.

His male form is a cheerful incarnation compared to the others, often forming his smoke into shapes depending on his news or mood. He comes most often with happy tidings but may also tell of simply interesting tales that have no arcane bearing simply because he likes it. He is called Myrrh in this from and often smells of incense.

Design/Elementa closed species © Wysdrem

Elemyr © me Rajita

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