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3 years

★ Mistclan ★

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    prefix reasoning: Picked because of his pelt color
    suffix reasoning: ... Who knows.

    nicknames: Appi, App
    previous names:Applekit, Applepaw, Applenose

    Gender, age and family:

    biological sex: male
    gender: male
    birth season: New leaf
    age in moons: 17
    Mom: N/A
    Dad: N/A
    Sister: Maplenose ( disowned )
    Daughter(s): None
    Son(s): Pythonhiss

    Physical information:

    build: Applenose is a fluffy tom, packed with floof. He has broad shoulders. Applenose is a small sized tom but due to his fluff, he looks bigger than he is.
    simple appearance description: Applenose is a dark ginger tom :') that is all you get
    scars: Over left eye

accessories: N/A

Sexuality and romance:
sexuality: bisexual
currently interested in: Glaciershiver
mate: Glaciershiver
likes: He adores loyal, sarcastic cats. Any cat that can get him to laugh & manage to make his worries vanish.
dislikes: He dislikes any cat who thinks they know everything, cocky, selfish, care-free and so on

Training and abilities:

mentor(s): Blackrose
apprentice(s): none


strength » ★★★★★
agility »

speed » ★★☆☆☆
swimming » ★★★☆☆
stealth » ★★★☆☆
climbing » ★☆☆☆☆
hunting » ★★★☆☆

herbal medicine » ★★☆☆☆

Personality Traits

[ Positive ]: - Bullet; Green

Friendly - Loyal - Respectful

[ Neutral ]: - Bullet; Yellow

Softy - Laid-back - Open-minded

[ Negative ]: - Bullet; Red

Anxious - Wild - Overprotective

» History

Applenose was born to two rogues that bordered Mist clan territory with his sister, Maplenose. The names of his parents are unknown but Applenose and his sister, Maplenose were found by a Heatherstar, Mist clans leader and she took them in. They were given proper names and grew up knowing nothing of their past but even so, Mist clan treated them like they were full born warriors.

As seasons began to pass, it was time finally for Applenose and Maplenose to be given their apprentice ceremony. Applenose was renamed, Applepaw and was given to Blackrose. As time goes on, Applenose began to excel in his training to soon become a great and loyal clan-mate for Mist clan.

Finally, Applenose and Maplenose were ready to become full fledge warriors of Mist clan. Applepaw was given the name Applenose and Maplepaw was given Maplenose. Since they were finally old enough, Heatherstar told them the truth about where they came from but explained even though they had no Mist clan blood in them, the clan still loved and cared for them.

After the incident with a rogue who claimed to be Applenose's and Maplenose's mother, Heatherstar finally decided on who she knew she wanted as deputy. The leader was proud of Applenose for choosing Mist clan over his own parents. So, she had called a clan gathering and announced that she finally decided on a deputy for the clan. Little did Applenose know it was him until Heatherstar's gaze locked onto him and she encouraged him to make his way up to the high rock.

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