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Wiggle the Fairy Steward

(ウィグル U~Iguru)Wiggle

is a 33 year old fairy woman, who works for

Prince Segare\Segale

in Tonalin Kingdom.

She was born on April 16th in Emerald City. Where she also grew up in, with her father named “Toto”. After she turned 21- she and her father moved to Tonalin Kingdom to work for

the queen

and the prince after their old steward was fired from stealing valuables.

Since Wiggle was around 18; boys didn’t really liked Wiggle. Every guy she comes across focused only on

Princess Emera

. Resulting Wiggle into hating her ever since. Dreaming that someday the princess will be forgotten, so she can finally find the love she always wanted.

Both Wiggle and Toto have been working as full-time stewards for 3 years now.

(Toto is Majiyo\Queen Wytch\The Queen’s Steward, while Wiggle became Segare’s Steward. Their outfit resembles matching colors of their owners.)

She is based on “Tingle’s Balloon Trip of Love”

Her personality

Wiggle is a hopeless romantic person who loves men above all things. (Like Tingle with women) While she has this huge love for men- she becomes easily jealous when the men she falls for goes for other girls. Resulting Wiggle into becoming mischievous, and causing harmless trouble to release her anger. (Stealing their rupees, for example.)

(As Segale’s steward- she is meant to be next or close to him at all times. When these scenarios happen; the prince is present. He allows her to cause trouble as long as it doesn’t ruin any plans the prince creates. If so- she gets in trouble, and gets hit in the head as she is scolded.)

She is also very hot-headed. Whenever things don’t go her way, or bad things overall happen to her- she tends to mumble bad words and tries to destroy what made her angry.

Her Appearance

Weight & Height

Wiggle is around 65 pounds, and she is 3'6 ft tall.

foot size & blood type

She is size 3, blood type B.

(Sounds unecessary, but incase anyone is curious; I added this in.)
Skin, Specie

Her skin tone is fair yellow & is a big fairy. (In my headcanon: There are small fairies like Navi and Tatl; then we have big fairies like Wiggle.)

Voice & Language

Knowing the game she is based on is only released in Japan, therefore she speaks Japanese. (And just Japanese.)

If I were to choose a voice actor- I would definately be the one that voices

this character

I think this voice suits Wiggle to a T.

Allergies & Fears

Wiggle is very allergic to squirrels. Their fur makes Wiggle sneeze non-stop. She is also allergic to Pineapples, they make her face puffy.

As for fears- Wiggle fears the dark\night.

It’s always been difficult for the prince to commit his plans at night due to Wiggle being to afraid to go outside, and tries her best not to go. By either hiding, or holding onto things while being dragged outside.

She’s been this way when she was a child- when she and her father Toto went stargazing in the woods, Wiggle went to pee in the bushes. When she saw glowing eyes in the bushes she peed in, she had to run off to her father after she lifted her skirt back up, convincing Toto to leave.

Because she was so afraid- they never went to that forest since. Leading this fear to carry with her still, never had the courage to remove those fears away.

Wiggle even has trouble sleeping since that day, always causing a fuss in the castle when everyone goes to bed.

She has to sleep with the prince to comfort her in the end all the time. Everyone wishes these fears can go away- but to Wiggle; well..


-Wiggle was first introduced as an odd-looking horse rider in my first Zelda fan-comic “Happy Romance”

-In her first design; Wiggle’s outfit were swapped colors of Tingle’s outfit. (She had shorts instead of a skirt around this time.) Not only that- she had pigtails sticking out on the sides of her unitard, and a propeller on her head.

-I was making a (Now dead and unfinished) comic based on TinglexWiggle becoming a couple. I decided to not continue it after seeing how cheesy it was becoming.

-In her room at the castle; she has a pet plant that eats rupees, named “Popo”

-She can’t fly for too long, her weight causes her to get tired after a while of flying. (It’s like running to her.)

-Wiggle loves to spend time with her owner everyday, and loves to be praised by him. It motivates her to get better from time to time. Although, she does get in trouble- like mentioned before. But nothing severe.

-Wiggle’s favorite food are toaster pastries in shape of hearts the bakers in Tonalin Kingdom make everyday as dessert.

They come in different flavors: Chocolate, vanilla, cream, marshmallow, banana, cinnamon, cherry, strawberry, and berry mix.

-She was inspired by Birdo (The way they pose), Cherry (Studio Killers- the body shape), Fawful (Being a small villain that works next to one of the main antagonists.) and Toadsworth (Being a royal steward to a prince\princess.)

-During her break-time, Wiggle loves to write love poems about her and her love interests. (Like fanfiction; but in a poetic way.)

-Like Tingle; besides her slogan- she also has her catchphrase. While Tingle’s is “Kooloolimpah”, hers is “Pahlimlookoo”. She purposely robbed it from Tingle by making her catchphrase backwards, just to piss him off. (Bonus fact: Yes. She LOVES to piss Tingle off.)

-She was once used to the mid-class life, until she began to work for Prince Segare\Segale. Since then, she’s been more used to the high-class life, and forgot what it was like to live as a middle-class citizen.

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