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Jade Mizushima


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Jade Mizushima

Nicknames: Jadey, Jadey-chan

Date of Birth: Somewhere around September or October

Zodiac: Libra

Sexual Orientation: Straight (While not admit to being Bi)

Martial Status: Single

Occupation: Princess of Niburi (in her dimension)

Alignment: Neutral

Power Type: Speed

Theme Song: none yet


Attitude: Tomboy, smart, has a bad temper, stubborn, flexible, flirty (only when drunk) and strong willed

Positive: Loyal, caring, courageous, determined, does what is necessary, hard-working, reliable, trusting

Negative: rebellious, rude, lack of faith in self, intolerant, insensitive, secretive, lack of trust in others.

Likes: sweets, her hair, hanging out with friends, rainy/sunny days, listening to music, swimming, training, cute fluffy things, Videogames, snowboarding, being alone (sometimes), helping others

Dislikes: arrogant people, perverts, being called weak, people calling her by her royal status (such as your majesty, highness and princess), being left out of anything, not being able to protect others, being hated, being used show-offs, Lynx and dresses

Fears: Spiders, losing the ones she love


Father: Alikai Mizushima

Mother: Crystal Mizushima

Alice: GodMother (she see Alice like a mother as well)

Strengths: She is immune to most lightning attacks except her fathers. She also has a moderate to high stamina.

Weaknesses: Stamina is drained faster when using her stronger attacks, psychic attacks which stop/freeze her movements

Abilities: Lightning


Ashura’s Tears - a rain of black lightning arrows shoot down onto the target. It can also be used to break a targets defense and paralyze them for 10 seconds

Lightning Smite- is a trail of carnage carved by brute force. It is very effective when encountering a large group of enemies. Jade can summon lightning from the sky a single bolt can do massive damage to the surroundings, and anyone in its path. She can use Lightning Storm during a storm which makes the technique stronger and more dangerous, and she can randomly summon the technique but the damage isn’t that great. She can choose to stop the attack if she wants to.
It drains her energy fast if she uses it to much, there’s a 30 second time limit for to be able to use it again or at least recover from the previous one

Lightning Raid -its a rushing attack with multiple fast stabs than a brute strength attack and then she does a final slash that basically built up lighting to give them a shocking feeling to their body

Arashi (Storm in Japanese)- its rare for this one to be used if its really necessary but Jade can summon clones to help aid her, with it being for a distraction or to lure someone into a trap. Also its rare that she uses this particular technique due the the fact hey clones gaining her different personalities in each. She can only do up 3 or 4 clones it tends to drain her energy if used for too long

Lightning Storm (The name is a place holder for now) - this ability takes a bit of time to muster up but its one of her strongest attacks. When Jade uses this attack lightning strike down around the enemy keeping the enemy moving to dodge it until the final lightning strikes down hitting them dead on. Jades hand would have to be in the air as she brings it down to strike anyone with the technique. Its a very fatal attack and may cause the opponent to have severe injuries to near death. Usually used even better if its storming outside

Lightning Cage - This technique can be used as defense or offense to surprise attack enemies from below. Jade punches the ground which makes lightning surround her, its at least two row of lightning surround the user. Now for using it on enemies the user will do the same thing but channel the energy through the ground to the unexpected foe then the lightning will shoot up from under there feet hitting and shocking them

Transformations: 1 so far



A necklace given to her by her mother. It’s a Prussian Susald gem, its very rare in her dimension, and now it’s hers. It’s the most precious thing to her, and she always wears it, it helps keep her calm and keeps her spirits up. It gives her hope, and it also symbolizes the she will see her parents again.

Two Swords: Takashi Mori and Yvette Mori (sister Swords)

Jade was born on a planet named Gleavia from a dimension called the Twilight Dimension. The dimension was ruled by five powerful kingdoms with very powerful rulers. With the exception of her parents being the top 2 powerful rulers of their own kingdom. From the day she was born everybody fear her, because of dark evil power she possessed. Jade’s parents also feared the dark power as well, but not their daughter whom they loved with all there heart. As the years progress her parents made sure she could protect herself by putting her through harsh training since the time she could walk.

As Jade grew up she ran into more encounters with people she's meet that hated her or tried to use her. At the age of fifteen she took her friends to her home to play games and that was when they found out about her royal status. They continued to treat her the same way as they always have. Soon everything changed when her home was attacked by and malevolent force, he sought out her out to control the power she had deep within her. Jade refused to go hide and stayed and fought along side her friends and family. Her parents at the last second opened a portal to send Jade and her friends somewhere safe until this fight was over but the enemies attacks were too powerful for her and her friends. It blew her back and into a portal and closed soon after as the portal itself lead to a new world called Mobius where Jade resides now. While on this new word Jades goals hep her get strong so that one day when she returns back home she will be able to fight and win, But only if what shes fighting to come back to is still there along with her friends and family

Jade and Art by Me

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