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Althea was born by the mango river she had a pretty average almost what every Zehhena pup would have pup hood getting wet in the shallow part of the river rolling around in the grass play fighting with her father and the other pups in the pack and watching her mom cook meat that her father brought home by the fire.

When she was thirteen her father took her out to hunt her kind was know for keeping the Steef population under control and at a good level her father always told her to look for the week the injured and the old and to never go after the strong.

Of cores she though she was stronger then what she really was and took on a male Steef of cores Althia's father had to rush in and save her from being killed she was scolded after that soon she was seventeen She left the pack to see if she could join another pack or start her own.

She tried to join groups but none of them would let her in and would chase her off not even lone Zehhena's would join her she didn't quite understand why so she spent most of her time alone.

A few years when by she may have been nineteen but she still didn't have a pack or in a pack and she noticed she was travailing further and further away from the mango river she noticed that so much that she was so unaware there was a trap right in front of her and she walked right in to it.

Althea roared with pain as the traps teeth sunk in to her ankle she tried to get free but the more she struggled the more it dug deeper and the more it hurt and the more it made her bleed something started beeping it got faster and faster as the Vykker approached and she was put to sleep with a dart.

Althia woke up and hour latter tied down to a table with wires attached to her that moniterd her heart beat but she had no idea what it was or where she was and that scared her so the monitor beeped faster as her heart pounded she tried to brake free but the straps that where holding her were to tight.

Then a Vykker entered the room with a Intern holding some kind of wepon tears slid down her cheeks as the Vykker took a look at her ankle she thought she was gonna die until as if the Vykker could read her mind told her she wasn't gonna die.... yet that they will see how the experiments go.

Though after each unbearable torcherus experiment she was put though a friendly janitor Mudokon would come in to give her some food and a drink of water some times the experiment that was done on her wouldn't allow her to eat or drink anything witch made her fall in to a weaker state then she already was.

though no madder how weak or in pane she was Althia still smiled when he was around it gave her comfort on cold days he would bring her a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer to warm her up he would sit there and talk to her but he had to leave before the Vykker got back he didn't want to get in trouble knowing what would happen to them both if he was cot helping her out.

One day he rushed to her room witched confused her it didn't help that she was in a dase he untied her and got her off the table he told her that the Vykker's where planing on killing her as soon as he told her she snapped out of her confusion and dase and instead had adrenaline coresing through her vanes.

She got in to her beast form put him on her back and bolted down the hall as he directed her to the exist she pretty much tore any one in her way apart she was out of control until she was shot with a dart in the leg she quickly fell asleep.

When she woke up she was on the ground back in the wilderness with her Mudokon friend she told him where she had come from so both went on a journey back to her beloved homeland.

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