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Sugar Daisy


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Sugar Daisy
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Basic Information:

Full Name and Title: Miss Susanne Rose Daniels
Name: Susanne Daniels
Alias: Sugar Daisy, Sugar, Daisy.
Age: 20.

Zodiac Sign: Libra.
Birthday: October 4th.
Theme Colour: Purple.
Deadly Sin: Lust.

Preferred Weapon: None.
Exercise Hours /Per Week: 3 hours.
Preferred Humor: Absurd.
Vices: Drinking.

Criminal Record: False accusations of assault.
Type of Drunk: Risk-taker.
Type of Cry: Sob.
Type of Laugh: Chuckle.

Fictional Characters of Similarities: Panty (Panty and Stocking). - Needs to be expanded in future.

Additional Notes:

  • Sugar Daisy was initially a parody based character.
  • Sugar Daisy is a common name given to her by those she attends the bar with.
  • Sugar Daisy is known by many of the bartenders around her location.
  • Sugar Daisy is heterosexual.
  • Sugar Daisy is more freaked out by those who address her as Susanne than Sugar.
  • Sugar is a humanitarian by belief.
  • Sugar shows a huge interest in ballet or flexibility based sports.

All Things Physical

Gender: Female.
Height: 5'11.
Eye Colour: Lilac.
Fur Colour: Purple.
Skin Colour: Beige.
Build: Rectangle.

Hair Colour: Pink.
Hairstyle: Wavy 2B - Side bang.
Hair Texture: Rough and Thick.

Tattoos: None.
Scars: One on left earlobe (small), left breast (very small), back of leg (small).
Piercings: Collarbones.
Beauty Marks: Three on left leg, one on inner of right leg (on display).

Default Expression: Dreamy.
Needs: N/A
Conditions: None of knowledge.
Health: 7/10.

All Things Mental

Conditions: Depression.

Greatest Motivation: Friends who she treasures like family.
Greatest Fear: Loneliness.
Greatest Asset: Charisma.
Greatest Flaw: Non-committing / unreliable.

  • Sugar can be very oblivious.
  • Sugar is quite creative and out of the box.
  • Sugar is a decent mixture between lazy and disciplined. (Her friends will attempt to discipline her).
  • Sugar is physically quite weak.

Sugar knows about 7/10 about herself in the regards of information.


One word to sum them up: Party.
Temperament: Not very tempered.
Confidence: 8/10.

  • Sugar is quite arrogant when she wishes to be.
  • Sugar is definitely much more of a 'sinner' than a 'saint'.
  • Sugar is quite a joker when she wants to be, especially when drunk.
  • Sugar is quite shameless more than shameful.
  • Sugar is very affectionate of those around her, defending her friends until death.
  • Sugar is mostly passive, it takes quite a lot of pushing to make her aggressive.
  • Sugar is definitely a flirt, she will often flirt without even realising that she is.
  • Sugar is someone who often keeps to a consistency but occasionally may go elsewhere, not very often.
  • Sugar is very disperse and will gladly be willing to speak to someone new.
  • Sugar is quite friendly, letting people know in advance exactly what they are getting into.
  • Sugar is quite disloyal in the terms of partnerships and has issues keeping commitment, the only times when she is seen dependable is often with her friends more than lovers.

Story they belong in: TBA


Hobbies: Watching TV Shows, Art, Games.
Ideal Career Path: Artist.
Academic: No academic interest.

  • Sugar loves travelling.
  • Sugar is neutral on dating.
  • Sugar loves partying.
  • Sugar hates reading.


Genre: Horror and Fantasy.
Snack: Sour.
Coffee: Black.
Favourite Food: Noodles.
Favourite Colour: Purple.
Ideal type: Not clingy.


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.
Status: Single.
Love Interests: Ady Roberts, Even Abbott.
Close Friends: Even Abbott, Rox Spencer, Rick Kerr...
Acquaintance(s): N/A
Live Family: Howard Daniels (Brother), Georgina Daniels (Mother).
Deceased Family: Martin Daniels (Father).


For those who get to know Sugar, they come to acknowledge that she is a likeable person, but due to some of her risk-taking and unreliable actions Sugar is disliked by some.

General Style: At home, Sugar is quite lazy in attire, simplistic clothing, but when heading out to parties she often shows a rather smart, casual or crazy outfit to share with her friends for fun.

Sugar sometimes obtains an unkempt appearance due to her depression, but she often attempts to minimise the potential of people discovering her during that period of time.

Handshake: Forceful.
Posture: Slumped.
Look: Seductive.
Overall presence: Sugar often gives an uplifting emotion to the atmosphere.


Social Class: Low.
Guardians: Absent.
Childhood: Uneventful.


Career/Job: Freelancer or hired occasionally to help start parties in local venues.

Sugar is shown fairly satisfied with her life's position, however will complain about money.

Residence: Town, Apartment.
Housemate: Rox Spencer sometimes rents out the room from Sugar for a few months.
Financial Status: 50-50.
Religion: Not religious.

Sugar can be quite negligent of herself unless pushed by Rox, this sometimes create a conflict between the two.

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