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Sebastian "Bastion" Marsielle


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Sebastian "Bastion" Marsielle
Blue Shark

Aloof, happy-go-lucky, and talkative are good ways to describe Sebastian Marsielle or Bastion.

Theme Song: Money for Nothin' - Dire Straits

His distinctive accent is probably the first thing most people notice about Sebastian. That and his unique choice of head wear. At almost all times, he can be seen wearing a hat known as a kepi blanc which is most closely associated with the Arcadian Foreign Legion. His subordinates and friends all call him the same thing: Bastion. Bastion, a native of the Equatorial Collective on the West Coast of continent of Rodinia, never met his parents and grew up an orphan. He was taken in by an island orphanage and was at least educated in a public school. He spent much of his childhood praying for adoption. Sadly, this would be a day that would never arrive. He threw himself into his studies at school as a means of keeping his mind busy. However, upon graduation, he had to strike out on his own without so much as a penny to his name.

Too describe Bastion as a self made man is to sell him short. He'll proudly tell you that from the ages of 18 to 23 he worked a surf and guide shop that he literally built with his own hands. His late teens and early 20s self can best be described as a beach bum. However, in a move he keeps guarded and close to his chest, he volunteered for the foreign legion of Arcadia.

It was a decision that would leave him with immeasurable regret. Arcadia is a funny place, with immense prosperity and social progress that keeps a legion of non-citizens to hurl into regional conflicts. Non-citizens that the government often sees as expendable to be used in skirmishes and in high risk operations. He left after 5 years and sought to leave it all in the past.

Cheap liquor and sex with anonymous women in bars were the only thing he pursued in the wake of his ordeal. He funded his habits of drunken hedonism by taking him odd jobs. Bank guard, bouncer, even police officer were booze tickets he picked up over the next several years until he was introduced to a woman named Samara Saiga.

She was short, but fierce. Initially, Sebastian was quite attracted to the woman and saw another set of arms to find comfort in for at least one night. Over hard liquor, he mentioned his extensive experience with security in an attempt to impress her. It had the reverse effect. Sam impressed him with her resolve and vision. She saw her company being more than just another pack of hired guns, but as an ideal.

It would also be steady work if the company wasn't run into the ground or actually vetted its employees. Bastion saw himself an opportunity to pull himself out of the bottom of a bottle and at least be happy.

Their first operation was a simple security job that involved protecting evacuees. When the future CFO, then third party contractor, Tori Atlis was abducted by raiders, Bastion volunteered to match Samara's tenacity and refusal to leave one of her own behind. Though successful, He was wounded through the calf. He spent a few weeks in a cast, then returned to his normal duties. His bravery earned him a spot as an officer and now he's the man to go to for tank operations. It was in this job that he met Dana Deringer and was instantly smitten with her. While she does try to keep the relationship as low-key as possible, he ruins those efforts at every turn.

Bastion is rarely seen without a smile on his face, but that doesn't mean he has a total lack of insecurities. He keeps his hair shaggy and always wears his kepi to hide his slightly receded hairline. It might be just fine, but he still is pretty self conscious about. He's also an avid runner and swimmer, owing much to his Blue shark endurance. Many accuse him of having robotic legs in response to that endurance. He swears he could, literally, run all day. He stays in excellent shape and relishes the perk of being able to not wear a shirt when most of his old school peers most certainly do not share that privilege. Dana is often cited by him as being the person he is closest to. Their romance was only a few weeks old when the pair roomed together. The two just seemed to click perfectly. Prior to Dana, Bastion was definitely known as a lady's man. He was a man who had absolutely no trouble getting a date at any given point. In his relationship with Dana, he was quite worried about how she would perceive him given their age difference. However, he still regards his decision to be frank as one of the best things he's ever done.

To Bastion, heaven is a charcoal grill.

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