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21 April 2017 at 09:32:05 MDT

Young adult
Average (for a pegasus tribe pony)
Average for a pegasus

Another version of me for shameless self inserts! The image is a little outdated, but a new one hasn't been created yet. I'll be sure to update this once that happens.

"So... what's with the bodysuit with the winged skull?"

Real reason: I love Nightmare Moon's character design, and I'm not a fan of the sun because it very easily blinds me, I much prefer the nighttime. So yeah, fan of both moons (actual, and Nightmare -) so I decided I would make my pony character a Nightmare Moon cultist/Shadowbolts wannabe. This is the Shadowbolts uniform, as seen in the second of the My Little Pony pilot episode(s).

Fictional character backstory reason (because why not, I had this in my head for art inspiration for this drawing anyway and.... writing excersize I guess?):

Darkiepie has had a slight obsession (that she swears by the moon is totally NOT a crush!) for Nightmare Moon, ever since she received a family heirloom as a young filly. One of her ancestors had been a sculptor, and all of his sketches and drawings had been  preserved by his family for generation on generation. He had made a few statues of the black alicorn, and among his magically preserved paperwork was a drawing that almost could be a photograph (if cameras had been around back in the day) of the midnight black alicorn and a pony in a black and purple bodysuit.
The next Nightmare Night, and every year following, DarkiePie would insist on dressing up as this mystery pony in the bodysuit. After much arguing and pleading and sulking, mom even added the winged skull on the cutiemarks! Awesomesauce.

Now, freshly dropped out of Cloudsdale college, rejected for the hundredth time for the Wonderbolts, no work, degree or bit to her name, she has one goal: Be in Ponyville for the next Summer Sun Celebration, the thousandth, with her (re-re-re-re sized, of course) Nightmare Night costume in her bags, just in case mom was wrong and Nightmare Moon actually does return. One thing she did pick up at college, is a great fondness for loud bass, flashing lights, and dancing. And eternal Night = eternal rave parties! 

So, the Master Plan: 
1. Goto NMM (wait until AFTER she's handed Celestia's flank to her, of course) 
2. Bow before NMM 
3. Become NMM's favorite (For Great Snuggles) and the captain of whatever she wants to call her version of the Wonderbolts, and become even BETTER than those losers! 
4. ??? 

Now, which platform do I have to be at  for the train to Ponyville again...?

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