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Amanda Wallums


30 March 2017 at 15:19:12 MDT

Amanda Wallums
Human (cannibal)

since I can't create the stories on here now, Im just gonna post it here

Name: Amanda Wallums

Creepypasta Name: Berry Bubble Pop

Age; 25

Birthday: November 23

Personality: Amanda is a bubbly and sweet girl, always having some sort of sweet or bubble gum with her, but, when she has chosen her victim, she is sly and sneaky, gaining that person's trust until she grabs her sledge hammer and wacks them. Take away her bubble gum or make her mad and you should run like fuck since she will go full out and start smashing everything. She is also really girly.

Clothes: Amanda wears a dark blue skirt, light blue button up shirt, light pink jacket and a pair of gumboots. In her hair, she wears an pink and blue hair clip.

Hair colour: cooper red

eye colour; baby blue (doesn't like her eye colour so she uses contacts to cover them, her contacts are pink)


  • a gum drop necklace (fake gum drop) with a gold chain
  • her sledge hammer/weapon 'Jaw Breaker'[1]

way of killing; Amanda will normally chose a victim carefully, studying their paten before she runs into them by 'accident'. She will normally go after girls but sometimes she goes after boys, when she's gained their trust, she will go and get her hammer to 'show' them, in which she will start beating their head in until they are motionless, she will normally drain their blood to make more of her special bubble gum[2]

Obsession; bubble gum, she cant go a day without chewing it

Relationship status; taken by Devora (made by ghastlywingz )

sexuality; bi-sexual

saying; pop goes your head~

theme song; I want candy

Friends and her thoughts on them;

  • Diane (owned by both me and :iconghastlywingz: ): "Diane? I love her! She is my daughter, oh course I love her! She's such a sweetie... " leans in "don't tell Devora I give her my special candy"
  • Devora (owned by :iconghastlywingz: ): "Devora's my love, my adorable little fishy! I love her to bits! She makes me want to eat her all up... In more ways than one..."

[1]: Jaw Breaker is actually designed to look like giant jaw breakers are on it, but they are in fact metal painted to look like jaw breakers
[2]: since Amanda does run out of gum, she makes her own using her victims blood or anything that would make a good bubble gum flavour

Design by kaurisky

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