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1 March 2017 at 18:22:22 MST

Ageless (But has the appereance of an Adult Eyeball)
Patapon Goddess

Born as a Mahopon, Adi seemed to have within her blood the drive of helping those in need...a natural born drummer, she seemed to be-fitting the role of a Kami, but do to misleading guidance and lack of so...the benevolent one ('The highest among gods' so to say) decided to give it's role to someone else until she learns her lessons and remplace the other by time, thought upon the sudden death of the Kami whom was remplacing her, had caused the pataponess to fall into a great depression and avoided her future role as much as possible.

But the cost of such selfish thing was of her kind to get erradicated, exiled off there homeland and too, lose many fights with the Zigoton Empire, allowing them to put the weakened Patapons on faraway lands, the higher ranked Deities felt disgust upon seeing the lack of faith Adi had about herself and they decided to exile her from the 'Land of Gods'. Shocked to such thing...Kami Adi wishes to proove them that she could turn a new leaf and be worthy of her title as it was meant since the beggining, and so...The exiled godess flew with the Pon Drum and 'returned' to her people, giving the Patapons there fighting spirits once again and attempt to search for IT.

Thought…she as well bowed to not show herself to them (which it was succesful on Patapon 1) but due to an ambush that the Karmens did (that they accidentally thought she was a single Toripon) well...such idea didn’t work…at all, and ends up falling down near the Patapolis and upon being found and healed by Meden and the 3 yaripons...The Almighty Adi started to live among her people, learn there languaje (since by the time she only new Ancient Patapones) and started making new friends along the way.

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