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Pandora Vixen


18 September 2016 at 15:45:06 MDT

Pandora Vixen
5'6" to the top of her ears
Fennec/Fox Cross

Name: Pandora Vixen
Gender: Female
Species: Fennec-type morph
Age: 23
Height: 4'10" to the top of her head, 5'6" to the top of her larger ears
Weight: 95 lbs
Eyes: Green

Description: Primary fur color, Charcoal Gray, a few shades lighter than black. The top of her muzzle being the same charcoal color, but soft white colored fur starting at the sides of her muzzle and chin, back over her cheeks, and down her neck, going down over her chest, covering her C-cup size breasts completely, then going down between her legs and stopping. The white color fur covering her sex completely, but none on her inner thighs. The tip of her tail being the same soft white colored fur. A heart shaped pattern of fur on the right cheek of her bottom in the same white color, positioned on the swell of her bottom, and close enough to the center, that when she wears bikini styled panties, the heart pattern is covered completely. Three much smaller hearts of white fur next to her right eye, the smallest heart near the corner of her eye, and then the next two heart shapes slightly larger than the one before it, in a curving line where the third heart shape is barely under the corner of her right eye (but are cosmetic and can switch sides, pattern and location, depending on how she feels and wants them placed).
Hair colored a bit lighter than her main fur color, still a dark gray, full, wavy and reaching to the base of her tail. Her tail full and fluffy, long enough to drag the floor a little when she walks. Large fennec style ears matching her species, with the soft white colored fur inside and the rest the same color as her main fur. Black nose pad. Digi-grade type feet/legs. Well-rounded hips and bottom, trim waist, but not too skinny.

Other: Shy and quiet, but not as shy as Kitty. Submissive personality mostly, but can be dominant when in the right mood. Likes to wear short skirts and loose tops, or form fitting clothes. clothes always in white or black, or dark shades of gray. Been a friend of Kitty since childhood.

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    GLORIOUS & WONDERFUL!! Her hair and long tail!! and of course her delicious PAWS <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3