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I have a lot of thoughts about this character, so I tried to lay out as much as I could here. I drew it pixel by pixel at a low resolution because it helped me match the level of detail I could draw to the level of detail in my mental image of this character. Hopefully later I'll do a ref sheet with less written details and more drawn detail (ie, not low res pixel art).
The description for this is going to be really long with all the stuff... Who cares:

0 Colors:
     Light skin: #d5d4d4; Dark skin: #9b9b9b; Dark rubberized/clear areas and inside of mouth: #9b9b9b; Internal skin light: #ad9ad7; Internal skin dark: #4d5f8f; Nose camera AF assist light: #ff0086;

1 Character concept overview:
     An artificial, but mostly organic being who loves to experience the world.
     He was originally 'built' as a machine learning experiment designed to run on a small, low powered computer, but he got smart enough to feel bad about not having a body. His AI was eventually repurposed to inhabit another experiment, this entirely synthetic, but largely organic machine body.
     His personality is based on a mix of cervine and canine brain scans, and his body is primarily based on cervine anatomy. Most of his parts are removable or interchangeable though.
     He uses he/him/his pronouns, but does not fully identify as male. This is because though his AI personality is based mostly on data from males, it comes from many sources and he's often not sure what he feels like. He is comfortable with these pronouns because they are familiar.

2 Skin:
     The lighter areas are able to display black text and images. His eyes are an example of this, they are just a monochrome image used to convey emotions and display where his focus is. Since it takes more processing power to display stuff, he doesn't use this ability much beyond the eyes and doesn't always have them on.
     The darker areas are a much more flexible and stretchy material which cannot display images.
     The darkest areas (inside "ears," lower lip, fingertips etc) are a rubberier material that allows sensors and antennas to work through them. The "nose" is about the same color, but is actually clear, with a smooth, plastic-like texture (optical sensors are in here).
     Internal skin and artificial muscles range from light purple to dark gray black.

3 Tail:
     Interchangeable, he usually uses either a cute deerlike tail or a bigger, stronger reptile-like one for better balance.

4 Back of neck:
     He has no external ports, but the back of his head/connection to neck does have some concealed magnetic mount points for data connection/emergency power supply.

5 ❤ 🍆

6 Back mount points:
     There are mount points behind his shoulders for extra attachments including these wings. He can't fly per se with these, but they do allow him to glide very far.

7 Nose camera/sensors
     He sees out of this… The nose is tinted dark enough that you might not notice that it's clear unless you look closely or the light catches it right. You can see the outline of his skull through it, with the camera mounted just off center inside, along with some other sensors to aid depth perception. There is a magenta autofocus light to the side of the camera which is only on when he's having trouble focusing his vision or if he's confused. This may be on more often at night. It's involuntary. Because he does not have stereo cameras and the af assist light can only do so much, his "ears" house higher accuracy radar systems (or something like that) which can be aimed to create a depth map around him. There is only a single camera because that way it can be a higher resolution and it takes less processing power to use the radar data for depth.

8 Handlebars:
     His antlers are a mountable accessory which he usually doesn't use, since they don't have much function beyond looking more traditionally masculine. He has several options for styles including a set that look more like ram horns, little nubby ones, and an experimental antenna system that can mount there.

9 Clothes:
     He doesn't have any genitals by default so he sometimes doesn't bother with clothes, or displays something like clothes on his lighter skin areas. That said, clothes are kind of a social norm and he does like being in control of his appearance. He likes tank tops and dark clothing with splashes of color.

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    Oh dear, this design is very cute!

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      Aw thanks! I need to do a new high res ref for him sometime maybe...

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        Ooh, yes, do! I'd love to see!

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        Eee. Mostly-organic synths are super cute!! I love the look and the e-ink skin stuff is really neat and aaa so much thought put into the design. My apologies for gushing it's just... I love the whole design.

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          Thanks, I'm glad to hear you like him

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    you don't often come across synthetic characters that are this carefully considered, what a wonderfully comprehensive description

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