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1 June 2016 at 21:48:30 MDT

700-1100lbs average
Fluff mammal dragon/Terradain

The first thing I will say is for reference purposes, his anthro form is slimmed down for more clear and convenient appearance sake! Generally hes abit bulkier then this. Likely on par with the feral form in terms of relative and average weightiness.

.Some more details on personality:
While Zedex is very lovable and sometimes a goof, he is actually not nearly as clumsy and shy as he might appear or imply on first impressions! He's actually prone to being quite coy and very self aware. Confident and assertive he will often use his size to "accidentally" bump and use as an excuse to get you stuck between him while he acts oblivious~ While rather outgoing he can be abit socially clumsy but will often roll with it, keeping with his happy-go-lucky and goofy disposition both because he likes being that way, but also because he enjoys it when others mistake his intelligence and cleverness for being a dimwitted and easily manipulated or fooled~ Often taking advantage of this with a sudden turn of events at the most ironic time. Zed is not very greedy at all when it comes to food either despite having a large paunch, further allowing him to be patient with planning! Despite all this, Zed is still weak to being caught off guard or unprepared! Especially with things he rather enjoys, or friends he'd enjoy it with.

Professions wise Zed is actually very adept at the use of electronics, even self powering them with his own energy. Making for a good electrician being able to test and feel the current of his own circuits at any time. This is why at times he is often referred to being a battery dragon!

Additionally, as his girth might help emphasize. He likes to cook! Not just eat good cooking. Striving to get better and make his food all the tastier. Being raised in what is essentially a farmers community he's come to learn this both on his own, and from friends in the community and his mother! Including the use of home grown ingredients in many cases. Most specializing in soup or pot based preparations for the most filling meals! Filling being the emphasis.

Some extra info and backstory:
Zedex is the result of a rare combination of two elements. One shown as his primary ability, being his control over lightning and all things energy. while the other shown physically! His mother was of Earth, while his father of Electricity, Ironically enough it is usually opposite or near opposite elements that combine to create an even more unique individual. On the rare occurrence this does happen, it rarer still results in both elements being easily wield-able. with one dominant and the other recessive. The recessive manifesting in other ways such as physical appearance, size, and physique!

Growing up among a smaller community of earth Terradains, Zed is not used to seeing others of his own element. He is unique among this community besides his father! Often treated with intrigue and wonderment, and sometimes waryness. Considering how powerful and lethal electricity can be, if mishandled. Especially due to his sub species of lightning being being less then common to begin with. Leaving him sometimes feeling alone, most certainly not bullied or shunned. Terradains tend to have more peaceful cultures, which Earth being no exception! This has also led to him not having alot of professional training in the element of lightning, and more so with earth despite it being less powerful as an ability. Leading to some interesting combined usage of electricity and earth alike: One example being control over magnetic capability and self levitation. Even his unusual durability and capability to absorb energy! (even if overloading can leave him comically overblown)

His Earthy mother is Teirra! Where he gets much of his looks and size from! Only further emphasized by her generous pampering of him. Being a experienced earth elementalist, she uses this to supplement both her farming and gardening skills alike! Resulting in making a sort of living from just that alone. On top of more then plenty cooking supplies! Enough to feed a family of dozens let alone just their modest family size. It shows quite clearly~ Due to being somewhat sheltered though, this has resulted in him sometimes having awkward social tendencies. Especially when encountering big city life. This of course yields mixed responses from good to bad! Ironically he doesn't know that much about anger and annoyance though leading to unusual responses to such behavior!

Art by m4wie m4wie or http://m4wie

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