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Pedro Marcos Lopaws by H-StallionWolf

Pedro Marcos Lopaws


Pedro Marcos Lopaws
4ft 7 in
84 lbs
Iberian Grey Wolf


He's an only child that was born and raised in an urban village. Since then he enjoyed speeding on his bicycle, feeling the wind blow on his muzzle and speed up, and enjoyed doodling. However, didn't make many friends back then due to being a predator that wouldn't "behave like one" such as not being very fond of sports, enjoying art, or just usually hanging out with some local preys as they'd get along pretty well. Of course, this made him a victim of bullying, sometimes pondering what is he supposed to really be, to the point that he became a closed book to almost everyone around them, rarely socializing.
Once elementary school was over, he and his parents had to move to Zootopia due to his mother being transferred to another workplace, and currently live in Sahara Square. The change didn't faze him much because he always felt like a city wolf. In fact, he slowly gained new friends he could relate too and talk, despite still some consent from other students due to being an "odd predator". Nevertheless, he was much happier than during his childhood, cherishing his new found friendships, and slowly started to open up and enjoying life more often with said friends, thus being much more motivated in simply being himself, like trying out new stuff with them.
Now a young adult wolf, fresh out of college, he bought himself a motorcycle as a graduation gift, alongside his love for speed and said motorcycle he bought was as said in its slogan: Born on the racetrack and raised on the street, and starting out as a freelance artist. It may be risky at first, but it's something he enjoys and suited for. Things couldn't be better, that is until he was diagnosed with glaucoma (glaucoma runs in his mother's side of the family and starts affecting between the 20s to 30s) and had to resort to surgery to treat it. But he couldn't afford it at the rate he earns money from his works. He would ask for a loan from his parents or friends, but unfortunately, his pride wouldn't let him: even though he usually doesn't care what others think of him, it still affects him in the matter that a predator must stay strong and never show weakness. And the matter that an artist that relies on his vision to make art, you can imagine the struggle and frustration in having said days "numbered". So he resorted to gain more money than usual by using the other skills he had: driving and speed.
For that to happen he started competing in street racing during some nights for cash. He went to Mr. Big for a loan in exchange for some favors. With it, he had his motorcycle repainted, equipped with a nitro booster, stronger suspensions and donned a racing suit and new helmet. And now every time he goes too such activities, he never takes off his helmet as he doesn't want anyone he knows to know about his "secret hobby". With his driving abilities, he usually wins said races, but he isn't fully satisfied with this: even though he gets cheers from other participants, they feel very hollow to him as if something's missing, returning to his closed book and serious personality during said event. Even though he only plans to race till he gets enough money to pay off the operation, he isn't fully sure if he wants to stop, because this type of activity feeds his constant need for speed, despite it's a bad path to follow with good intentions: the feeling of being chased is exhilarating. it makes him feel alive, in which a predator must always protect his den; The chased has room to breathe while the chasers grow with impatience, like a prey outsmarting the predators when the world was still savage. It's with this antimony that her ponders one main question: "I enjoy it, but do I truly take pleasure in this?"
For now, he doesn't fully know how to answer it but who knows if the near future will give him an answer.

I think i got the Zootopia art style nailed down, mixed with an anime look. What do you guys think?

Artwork and Pedro Lopaws © HStallionWolf
Zootopia © Disney

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    Looks pretty good to me! I mean, as far as a digital drawing goes. Obviously not quite the same as 3D rendering (or whatever you would call it) but it's a nice style none the less. L=