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Near the beginning of time, there existed a host of primal gods; formless entities with pure dominion over their own souls and with special affinity with certain aspects of existence. One such deity was the god of flesh who held power over the very biology of mortal creatures. This deity held a sense of neurological empathy for the creatures of life and matter; the god shared their feelings of ‘good’ and ‘bad’, and the god always wanted to feel more of the ‘good’ and less of the ‘bad’. While this sounds beneficial to the mortal creatures, the god’s sense of ‘good’ was purely physical and they pursued it with no regard to consent or circumstance of the mortal creatures.

At length, the other primal gods decided to try to banish the flesh god, not out of concern for the mortal souls trapped in an unending nightmarish cannibal orgy, but because the flesh god got all of the mortal’s attention. The divine prison that was created had to be disconnected from ‘the afterlife’ as gods, with their dominion over their own souls’, could ‘reincarnate’ themselves instantly. It also needed a ‘quantum gate’; exit could only be done when one’s self was the same as it was when entering.

With the inter-dimensional prison made, the primal gods joined forces, and they successfully smote the flesh god’s memory and cast them into the closed void. With the flesh god banished, the remaining gods turned their sights on the mortals, at least until they turned on each other.

At first, only the flesh god’s soul resided in the void, but soon the primal gods banished more an more into the prison. While the remaining gods were not so easily cast away, mortal creatures had not nearly the sovereignty to avoid banishment. With time, enough matter had been sent to the void for the god to give themselves a body. Having no memories of a preferred avatar, the god crafted a body similar to a mortal who had also been cast into the void. This mortal then gave the deity their name of ‘Diana’, a mundane name because neither really knew the gravity of the events leading to their imprisonment.

With so few bodies available in the void (and with some careful guidance by another deity who still had access to the void) Diana was discouraged from simply teasing pleasure out of nearby flesh at a whim, as ‘sour’ and ‘bad’ feelings could no longer be drowned out by the ecstasy of a million others.

Even so, ‘Diana’ still pursues pleasure over all other acts, with as many avatars as she cares to play with. Even as the other primal gods have brought themselves ruin beyond her cell.

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    Well that's an interesting backstory for her.